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RAW Guides online courses for WordPress, web building, SEO, security and more

RAWinfopages 2.0

An even better RAWinfopages! Tips for PC, Mac and mobile, plus blogging, SEO, WordPress and free courses. Tech made easy.

RAW Computing Windows PC, internet, tips and help

RAW Computing

Windows PC: Top tips, help, how-to articles and software reviews, plus general computing, internet, news and more.

RAW Mac tips, help and features for Apple Mac


Apple Mac: Got a MacBook, iMac or Mac mini? This section is packed with tips, help, reviews and how-to articles for OS X.

RAW Apps tips, help and reviews for iOS and Android

RAW Apps

Android & iOS: Phones, tablets, gadgets and wearables have taken over! Tips, help, news, reviews and how-to articles.

Site updates

RAWinfopages is updated about five times a week on average and so there is always something new.

To find the new content, visit each of the sites.

This page just highlights a few recent posts and there are many more.

Free courses: Build your business, site, blog

Get started with WordPress basics

WordPress Basics

Start your online business or blog! Follow easy step by step guides and add pages, posts, themes and more.

Build a self hosted WordPress site

Self hosted WordPress

Create a pro WordPress site for your business or blog. From installation to SEO plugins, Google AdSense and more.

Earn money from Google AdSense

Google AdSense Guide

Use Google AdSense to earn an income. How to choose the ads you want and place them with step by step guides.

Get started with WordPress basics

Master On Page SEO

Start your business or blog's rise to page 1 of Google search with on-page SEO. Everything you need to know.

Social media

Automate Social Media

Automate social media posting to promote your business or blog effortlessly. Increase clicks and followers.

Build a self hosted WordPress site

Social Media Promotion

Learn the secrets to successful social media promotion with pins posts and tweets. Get more site visitors.

Laptop computer

Automate Social Shares

Make social shares look fantastic on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Maximise social shares with an expert posting plan.

Web design

Boost website visitors!

A great seven part course that provides top tips and techniques for increasing the traffic to your website or blog.

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