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About RAWinfopages

RAWinfopages is not just one website, it is several and it covers the latest computers, phones, tablets, gadgets, peripherals, the internet and more.

  • RAW Computing - Windows PC, internet, Linux, cloud, general computing
  • RAW Apps - iOS and Android phones, tablets, wearables
  • RAW Mac - Apple Mac and macOS
  • RAW Guides - online courses and guides

They provide help, tips, solutions to problems, how-to guides and features for using computers, peripherals and gadgets, the internet, phones, tablets, Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. There are also reviews of software for Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and apps for smartphones and tablets, and a lot more.

Who is behind RAWinfopages?

This website, the sub-sites and many of the articles that are featured here have been created by Roland Waddilove, a technology writer living in the UK. He writes on a wide variety of tech subjects for print magazines and the web. He's occasionally helped by freelance writers who contribute to the site - and needs more!

Advertising and sponsored features

Advertising spots are available, such as in the sidebars of pages, just take a look at the existing ads to see where they appear, what the sizes are and so on. Sponsored posts are an alternative. Contact us for more information.

Website statistics - one week

RAWinfopages visitor numbers have grown almost every month since the site was launched. This trend is expected to continue into 2017. Most visitors are from the US, followed by the UK. Most use desktop computers, with mobile steadily growing.

Ways to contact RAWinfopages

Roland Waddilove is the best person to contact regarding anything about RAWinfopages, whether it is writing for the site, advertising, press releases and news. Here are the details you need:

General email: mail@rawinfopages.com
Editorial email: editorial@rawinfopages.com
Roland Waddilove: rwaddilove@rawinfopages.com

Twitter: @rwaddilove
LinkedIn: LinkedIn profile
Google+: +RolandWaddilove
Facebook: RAWinfopages


RAWinfopages is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own. Some images are from Pixabay, a collection of free high quality photos and artwork you can use anywhere. Website design: This template is Eve 2012 by SiGa