OneNote is a an excellent utility for storing all sorts of information and it can be accessed everywhere - on the web, Windows PCs and Apple Macs, and mobile phones. Office Lens is a free app for Windows phone that enables you to scan receipts, documents and whiteboards and store them in OneNote.

Microsoft calls Office Lens a scanner for your pocket and it basically is. There is no need to save paper receipts when you are out of the office and you can simply scan them and store them in OneNote just by pointing your phone at them and taking a snapshot.

 Office Lens for Windows Phone

As you can see from the images, Office Lens does more than just take photos. It can detect the edges of the paper and straighten it, correcting the angle it is viewed at. The result is a much better scan.

The app not only scans receipts, it can take images of whiteboards too. If you are in a meeting or presentation and want a record of what's on the whiteboard, just switch to whiteboard mode in Office Lens and take a snapshot. The app trims the image and cleans up glare and shadows.

There is also a document mode that enables you to turn paper documents into scans and then store them in OneNote. A nice feature of OneNote on Windows PCs is that it can perform OCR (optical character recognition) on images. This means that it can turn yours Office Lens scanned documents into editable and searchable text in OneNote.

There are numerous uses for Office Lens and you can now easily clear the paper clutter and store everything in OneNote notebooks. These are automatically synced online and with all other computers using OneNote through your Microsoft account (free email, Office 365 subscription etc.)

Go to the Windows Phone Store and get Office Lens.