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The following news stories are from June 2014...

iTunes U gets discussions in upgrade

Apple has updated iTunes U and from July 8, teachers will be able to create, edit and manage educational courses on the iPad. They will be able to add content and learning materials from iWork, iBooks Author or any educational app, of which there are around 75,000, and insert photos taken from the built-in camera.  In addition to this, students will be able to start discussions from within the iTunes U app, follow conversations and ask questions from their iPad. Teachers can take part in forums and moderate discussions, removing unwanted content.

New Android music app from Radical.FM

Radical.FMThere is a new music app for Android, not that there is any shortage, but this one is different. Radical in fact. There are two ways to make streaming music pay and you either charge a monthly subscription or you insert adverts. However, Radical.FM is both ad-free and has 25 million songs. The aim is to provide both rich and poor with great streaming music free of charge, so how does it stay afloat? It asks for donations and you can choose either a one time donation or a monthly donation. It is optional, so it is hard to guess whether this is a viable business model.

The app organises music into genres and categories and you build your own station by picking ones that suite your music tastes. You can fine tune stations you create, block songs you don’t like, and like songs you love. Version 1.0.0 was released for Android on 2nd July, but iOS users have had it for some time and v1.2 was posted in the iOS app store at the start in December last year. It’s incompatible with all my devices according to the Google Play Store, which probably means it’s US-only. That’s a shame as it sounds good. Android app, iOS app.

ASUS planning to launch smartwatch

The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are already on sale in the Google Play Store and now there is news that ASUS is planning to join them with an Android smartwatch of its own. Chairman Jonney Shih has talked about developing a wearable device that is controlled by voice and hand movements.

iPhone launched into space

Students at a school in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK, attached an iPhone to a weather balloon and set it 18 miles high. That s pretty much at the edge of space. It recorded video footage throughout the trip and it was brought back to earth by parachute. The video is surprisingly good for such a cheap, DIY project.

Samsung cuts back on services

At one time Samsung used to offer alternatives for almost everything Google provided in Android, duplicating many things. It has cut back on the services and apps it provides and if you run Samsung Hub and swipe through to Music and Books there are notices that the services have closed. You are redirected to Google Play Music and a 90-days-free trial. The Books section no longer works and you are asked to use Kindle for Samsung, which is a Samsung version of the Kindle ebook reading app. Games, Video and Learning still function in Samsung Hub, but for how long?

 Samsung Hub  .  Samsung Hub

 Facebook Messenger for iPad launched

Facebook and Messenger have been split into two products and now if you want to send messages to your friends you have to leave Facebook and open Messenger. This has irritated a lot of users and there is a lot of criticism in the reviews section of the App Store listing. Whether it should or shouldn’t be a separate app apart, it does have a nice interface and some good features, like stickers. You can use the built in ones or visit the sticker store from within Messenger and download new collections. Photos can be attached and you can capture video clips too.

Facebook Messenger