Be smart when buying a new smartphone and make sure it fits your needs

Buying a new smartphone? What should you look out for? What features do you need? Lisa Parker has some great advice for anyone looking to upgrade their mobile in the near future.

Top tips for securing your phone and the personal information stored on it |

Data security has always been a major issue in this digital age. Whether it’s for personal or corporate use, having all your confidential information safe is a must.

Get fit using apps on your smartphone to help you |

Are you a fitness fanatic? Even if you are not, you probably want to improve your fitness and perhaps lose a little weight too. Zakkam William has four apps for your phone that will help you do just that.

Bluetooth headsets are the best for mobile phone!

Are you thinking about buying a Bluetooth headset? What sort of features should you be looking for? Here is some advice and buying tips to help you make your decision. It is essential reading.

When you spend hundreds of dollars or pounds on a new phone, it would be careless not to spend a few more on a protective case to ensure it does not get broken or scratched. But how do you choose the best one? Here's a guide.

In little more than a decade or so, mobile phone ownership has grown to the point where almost everyone has one. There are billions of devices all around the world, but how much do you know about it? Here are some surprising facts.

Apple has reported slowing sales of the iPhone, sales of the iPad have been falling for some time now, and Samsung and other phone and tablet manufacturers are struggling. Why? What is the reason and what does the future hold?

People frequently complain about the lack of storage and poor battery life of their mobile phones. The cause is apps. Apps occupy storage space and they consume battery power. Can you live without them? Maybe you can.

As time and technology changes rapidly, the demand for mobile compatible websites and apps is increasingly growing. How do you track mobile visitors, sales, benefits, losses and more?

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