As time and technology changes rapidly, the demand for mobile compatible websites and apps is increasingly growing. How do you track mobile visitors, sales, benefits, losses and more?

Enterprises and business owners are increasingly transacting from through mobiles apps or the second best, mobile compatible. After making mobile websites and redirecting successful mobile visitors to their website, the next and most important thing needed is to track the information that tells whether they are getting any benefits from their visitors or not. For mobile apps they need to track the line of events after the downloading of their app. 

For tracking sales and benefits and loss if any, effective analytics tools are essential for anyone who really wants to earn money from these mobile apps and websites. Some of the most important effective mobile app analytics and mobile web analytics tools are listed below for monitoring the performance of mobile apps and mobile websites:

AdMob analytics: It is the Google’s free mobile app analytics tool that will allow you to access the complete mobile app analytic report of the linked app by organizing the report in the following categories:

  • Real-time: It will provide you the information about the ongoing user traffic, most active screens, top locations and much more.
  • Audience: With the audience tab, you can see the users that are using your app, where they are and for long they used your app and what device they are using to access your app.
  • Acquisition: It gives the data about the downloading and installation of your app and also tells that how the app is successful in attracting the visitors. 
  • Behavior: It tracks the way that how users are connecting through your app for which screen they are taking any actions.
  • Conversions: It will track the information of how many targets are completed as specified in goal.

Localytics: It is a mobile app analytics tool that helps mobile app developers and app marketers by providing the user engagement report, loyalty, customer segmentation, and cohort based retention analysis, real time analyses and customer lifetime value. It also helps the app marketers and developers in getting the detailed, actionable user insights, automate marketing campaign and personalize push and in-app messaging.

Mixpanel: This is analytic platform for both mobile app and mobile websites that provide real time data funnel analysis, cohort analysis and in-depth analysis by tracking mobile apps and mobile websites. With this tool, you can link between the web users and mobile users for your website retention statistics. Developers can watch realtime events and can go deeper in analytics data.

AD-X: This is an app analytic tracking tool that can provide realtime analysis reports, detailed statistics of app downloads, lifetime value, daily active users and user engagements. It also provide the option to developers to optimize their real time report from more than 300 resources to improve cost per install, user engagement and maximize ROI by using ad spend wisely that can be achieved from single interface.

Countly: This is an open source analytic tool that can provide us a variety of features such as multi platform support, real time data, and scalable infrastructure. It tracks the application and provides the ongoing real time data in a designed way to developers and then accordingly optimizes the strategy by using that driven data.

Guest post by Katie Stanfield
Working with a leading Mobile App Development Company – Xperts Infosoft, Katie Stanfield also interested in writing blogs for mobile technology. She is crazy for mobile apps and loves to design creative and wonderful mobile apps. She can work with any of the mobile platform but she likes working on iOS more. To know more about Katie, you can find her on Facebook and can follow her on Twitter.


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