Be smart when buying a new smartphone and make sure it fits your needs

Buying a new smartphone? What should you look out for? What features do you need? Lisa Parker has some great advice for anyone looking to upgrade their mobile in the near future.

Shopping for smartphones is definitely a very tricky and daunting task, as it is characterised by numerous components, complications, connectivity options and operating systems. Unfortunately, many devices need a replacement within a couple of years, and this might be because somewhere you have failed in judging the quality. One single mistake during purchase can ruin the life of the smartphone; buy smartly and you will never face even a small issue.

Here are some tips that can help you in buying a good one

Size is the Most Important Consideration

This is a very obvious choice! Before buying the phone, you need to check few handsets and try them out. Where would you keep them, large pockets or purse? Try to opt for a larger phone as it would surely be handy for many things, such as being productive, playing games, watching videos and browsing the internet.

Readability is improved and many things fit onto one screen.

However, big screens have their own disadvantages too; for instance more power demand and more space. Nowadays, Lava mobile phones are offered in a variety of choices, but choosing the best one depends on you. Small screen handsets, on the other hand, are quite portable and don’t need too much battery consumption.

Check the Processor

The Processor is no less than a ‘brain’, don’t you agree? If you are too confused about processors, you just need to keep two things in mind, the clock speed and the number of cores. A processor might have many cores, and if it doesn’t, you are probably settling for lower-end devices. Although the price of such devices is quite cheap, the speed and performance would be poor.

On the other hand, the clock tells the speed at which the information is processed for instance if the speed is listed in megahertz, then you are looking at old devices, but if it is gigahertz, you can be sure that it is an advanced one.

Once the speed is known, it can be multiplied by multiple cores to understand the device’s maximum processing power. Whether you are buying Intex mobile phones or whether you wish to go for some other option, don’t move without checking the processor.

External vs internal storage

If you are out in the market looking for smartphones, you would obviously want to know about different operating systems and storage space.

There are several smartphones that don’t offer internal storage or have no slot for memory cards. Usually, with microSD cards, the memory of the phone is increased by 8GB, 32GB, 64GB or more.

Whether you want an inbuilt internal storage or not depends on your usage. If you don't require lots of apps or don’t want to store too many photos and music, you can probably settle for a cheaper option.

However, if you wish to store too many things, you need to go for a smartphone that offers you extensive storage and has a slot for microSD card. Usually, these Micromax mobiles offer good storage space, so it is better to check them out, before moving to the next option.


Cherished moments are always captured through photos and the quality depends on the kind of camera which is used. Since these phones are laden with megapixels, choosing the right one becomes extremely difficult.

Just by looking at the specifications, the quality of the camera cannot be determined. One of the best ways of judging the quality is to look at test videos and photos.

Think in Terms of Connectivity

If you have found a device which is perfect in terms of software and hardware, it is now time to think about connectivity. Not all phones are capable of running every network. For instance, CDMA is quite common in the United States and is commonly used by carriers such as Sprint and Verizon. On the other hand, even GSM is popular all across the globe and is used by T-Mobile and AT&T.

HSPA+ is known for its superb 3G speed and supports download up to 168Mbps. This option is a must in your phone if you desire rocket-speed downloads. LTE is the latest generation for both GSM as well as CDMA.

Wi-Fi is another thing which one can’t just live without, but this is standard on all smartphones. The majority of phones these days have many connectivity features, which makes it easier for users. A phone having Wi-Fi can definitely save costs since it allows you to switch off mobile data and use in-house internet connectivity.

Battery Power

It is said that even if you have the fastest automobile, it cannot be taken anywhere if it doesn’t have gas. The same is true with smartphones. If it doesn’t have a proper battery, no matter how high-end it is, it won’t be useful!

Here are some quick tips

  • In the case of cameras, pay special attention to megapixels. Read online reviews in order to make your decision.
  • Android is better, if you want good user experience and wider choice in hardware.
  • Opt for a phone which is easy to use and gets timely software updates.
  • Always opt for a phone which is 5 inch or smaller, if it is for one-hand use. If playing games and watching videos is your motive, don’t hesitate to buy a big one.
  • Don’t settle for a phone that has battery lesser than 3000mAh.

Once you are thorough with all this, you can definitely buy the smartphone of your choice, without any hassles.

Author Bio: Lisa Parker, a techy geek having keen interest in all flashing trends in the market whether it’s related to gadgets, technologies or anything. Recently I am writing for and I have written articles on Smartphones, Android and on different topics. I like to showcase my skill sets through my writing. Writing is my voice to share my thoughts and views about everything.