Choosing the right phone for you is not easy. Here are some thoughts on the matter.

There are so many phones to choose from that it can be confusing. Do you need this feature or that function? What brand is best. Here are some suggestions to help you choose.

Phone advertising is everywhere, and with every advert, they show the features and benefits of why you should buy their phone. But sometimes the benefits aren’t suited to yourself, and there are features that might not particularly suit your needs including the size, the build, the mobile app development and the operating system.

This guide will take you through which phones to buy and the pros and cons of buying them.


One of the biggest advertisers for mobile phones, for the past 10 years Apple have been on the frontier when it comes to releasing new technology for users to benefit from daily, features such as apple pay, touch id and Siri are all at the highest quality for mobile phones. The iPhone would be the risk-free choice for most people, it offers all the latest technology and is said to be the easiest operating system to use.

iPhone and earphones

Apple, however, is known to limit the users to their own branded software which has its pros and cons. iPhones do not offer a conventional headphone jack so an adaptor or apple earphones will be required, to add music to your phone iTunes will be required and the ease of drag-and-drop isn’t available, some apps can’t be downloaded onto iPhones because they might be deemed as unsafe.

Which leads to the benefits, iPhones offer all their users antivirus software at no extra cost it's already installed and avoids the phone receiving any harmful programmes. iPhone is one of the more premium phone brands to choose and is worth it for those who want the full Apple experience, Apple offers a budget version that is more affordable and an XL version for people who prefer a larger screen.


The lead competitor for the iPhone, Samsung are very competitive with the mobile phone technology, they started offering the XL versions of their phone before Apple which triggered them to copy. Samsung uses an operating system called Android created by Google, the operating system is so successful that most mobile phone brands and tablets use it, so their consumers have the best experience.

Android phone

A big benefit of using Android is that it is very adaptable to software, most apps can be installed and the actual phone settings are very changeable too, examples include the text font, wallpaper, and sound effects.

If you enjoy the more techy and personalized side of phone this might be your best choice. Samsung offers a lot of choices when it comes to price range too in all different sizes and colours.


Another phone that operations with the Android technology, Sony offers a premium body phone with great hardware that is very flexible for every user. One of Sony’s iconic features is that they make their phones fully waterproof and use gorilla glass to try avoiding any damages to the screen.

In recent years though, other phone brands are copying this idea to help give users peace of mind. Sony offers a multitude of products that sync well with the Sony phone, so if you like keeping to the same reliable brand Sony could be the right choice having headphones, speakers, TVs and tablets that all function well together.


In recent years Blackberry has been very up and down with the Phones they have released. They are best known for having a practical QWERTY keyboard rather than using a touchscreen like most other phones and had more of a traditional phone style, their operating system was designed by themselves but has never been the most functional.

Recently, Blackberry has decided to release a new phone that users’ Android software to help users enjoy the phone more, they have also made the screen bigger and touch screen but have kept their QWERTY keyboard at the bottom. Some people to get frustrated with trying to text with a touchscreen so the biggest attraction to this phone would be the QWERTY keyboard.


Google has recently released a new Pixel phone that is popular for multiple reasons. Because Android technology is created by Google it is said to run perfectly with the pixel rather than adapting to different products.

The Pixel has an iconic block colour design on the phone and is also been reviewed to have the best picture quality of recent competitors. The OLED screen is also a noticeable feature of the Pixel phone being one of the best screens on the market.

Author bio: Richard Meadow is a freelance writer that works closely with APADMI, an App development company in Manchester. He is always interested in modern and advanced technology and enjoys writing about it.