Android 5.01 is rolling out to many users now and if you do not already have it, you soon will. My Samsung Galaxy S4 has just received its update and if you want to know how well it runs on this old phone then read on...

To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to installing Android 5.01 on my Samsung phone because I had such a bad experience with this version of Google's mobile operating system on my Nexus 7 tablet. In a nutshell, Android 5.01 made it almost unusable because it just sapped the life out of it. That device has now been upgraded to Android 5.1 and the performance is much better, although battery life sucks.

I had hoped to skip 5.01 and go straight to 5.1 on my phone, but a notification appear that Android 5.01 was waiting to be downloaded.

Samsung Galaxy settings . Android notifications

You should only download OS updates when connected to Wi-Fi because they are sometimes very big and on 3G they would use up too much of your data allowance for the month. It is also a good idea to plug your phone into the mains power because you don't want the battery dying half way through an update. After plugging it in and turning on Wi-Fi, Android 5.01 downloaded.

This update was 991.25 MB and the notice said that after upgrading the amount of free memory will decrease by a minimum of 950 MB. It did, but I don't know why. Is Android 5.01 nearly a gigabyte bigger than 4.4.4? Samsung phones are bloated enough as it is with all the Samsung apps (that I never use and can't remove), so this loss of storage space is a major irritation.

Android 5.01 update . Android storage space

You also need 3 GB of space to install the Android update. Best check before your start. Go to Settings, the More tab and tap Storage. If the Available space is less than 3 GB you need to clear some space. The easiest way to do this is to connect the phone to a computer and then copy the DCIM folder to the disk drive. This contains all your photos and videos. You can then go into the Gallery app and delete all the photos and videos on the phone. I had 1.31 GB of them, which took the free space up to 4 GB.

So, memory cleared, phone plugged into the mains, Wi-Fi turned on, return to Settings, About (on the More tab), Software Update, Update. Go ahead and the phone will be rebooted and Android 5.01 installed.

What's new in Android 5.01?

The most obvious difference is the new graphical theme. White is the new black and everything looks different in Settings and in the notifications pull-down at the top of the screen. Here are a few screen shots before (left) and after (right).

Android 4.4.4 on Samsung Galaxy . Android 5.01 on Samsung Galaxy S4
<----- Android 4.4.4 | Android 5.01 ----->

So far I have had none of the performance problems experienced when my Nexus 7 was upgraded to Android 5.01. Maybe Samsung fixed it, maybe the Galaxy S4 simple has a faster processor. I haven't really noticed any speed difference. It looks completely different and some controls have moved or disappeared. On the whole, it looks and works fine.

Android 4.4.4 on Samsung Galaxy S4 . Android 5.01 on Samsung Galaxy 
<----- Android 4.4.4 | Android 5.01 ----->

I'll cover more Android 5.01 and Android 5.1 differences in future articles.