Avira is a company best known for its antivirus and security software. In fact, I was at the Avira website downloading some security software when I spotted Avira Android Optimizer. It looked interesting and was free in the Google Play Store.

This is just one of countless tune-up and clean-up apps for Android phones and the choice is bewildering. Avira’s is worth considering though and it looks good and works well. The app is small, taking up little storage space, and it works on any version of Android from 2.3 up.

The main screen has a large display of the memory used and a slightly smaller display of the storage used. It would be nice if you could switch from the percentages shown to gigabytes and megabytes. I know my storage is 77% full, but what does that mean? How many gigabytes or megabytes is left? How many more photos can I add or music tracks can I download? How big an app can I install? Just a suggestion Avira.

There is a large One-Tap Speedup button and this cleans the memory and reduces the amount used, leaving more for the next app you run.

Avira Android Optimizer . Clean your phone with Avira

The bottom half of the screen provides access to some useful functions and Clean Memory shows the apps that are running ordered by size and how much memory can be released right now by cleaning the memory. You can select the apps to close, although some, like Facebook, will automatically restart afterwards.

Manage Apps is an uninstaller that displays a list of the apps on the phone or tablet sorted by size, with the biggest at the top. This is useful and when you need to free up storage space, you can instantly see which apps are worth removing.

Optimize Storage shows the percentage of storage used and also lists the cache and largest files on the Android device. The cache can be cleaned and the space released. Large files can be deleted too, but as they may actually be useful, such as podcasts, music, videos and so on, they are not selected for deletion by default.You must manually select them. This is easy and they are listed in size order.

Avira Android Optimizer . Optimize your Android phone

Clean Private Data enables you to clear the web browser’s history, call logs and clipboard data. They are not selected by default because some people might want to keep them. If you don’t need them, they can be selected and deleted.

Pressing the menu button in the top left corner shows the app history, such as the amount of space recovered, the amount of memory cleaned, and the number of days you have been using it.

It is easy to find apps that do more than Avira Android Optimizer and this sort of clean-up and tune-up tool is often combined with other functions like battery saving or even antivirus. Some people might prefer this to other larger and more complex apps. Avira keeps it simple and straightforward.

TitleAvira Android Optimizer
Price: Free
Developer: Avira
Size: 1.6 MB
Version: 1.0
Android: 2.3 and up