Comodo is well known for PC security and like many rivals, it has entered the next big market, mobile security. The company’s Android app has some good features, but also some irritations. It is free though, which is a bonus.

Comodo Security & Antivirus for Android phones and tablets performs many different functions and one of these is to protect you against malware. Tap Antivirus on the Security tab and it will perform a full scan of the system. Apps can be added to a Trusted list and these are not scanned.

Apps are categorised as Malware, Risky or Push Ads. I have never seen any malware, but apps with too many ads are common. Unfortunately, the app quits with an error just before it finishes a scan on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

Privacy Advisor identifies apps that may be over-sharing your personal information. They are organised into categories, such as apps that can make calls, send SMS messages, access your location and so on. Enter a category and you can see a list of the apps and scan them to make sure they are OK. Scanning categories was fine and you can view the details of apps that are flagged as Push Ads for example.

Comodo Security for Android . Comodo Security for Android

A Boot Manager shows which apps are loading when the phone is switched on or restarted, but if you try to change any, it reports that you don’t have root access. At least you can see auto-loading apps and this means you can uninstall it if you wanted to stop it running.

On the Tools tab is a Software Manager that enables you uninstall apps. Apps are not listed in alphabetical order, which makes finding an app harder than it should be. There is Call and SMS blocking, but when it is selected, a message states that it is not supported in Android 4.4.4 and later.

The System Optimizer is fine and like many other optimisers, it clears the memory to increase the amount that is free, and it clears caches to increase the storage. Private Space enables you to securely store information that you want to hide from anyone that might get their hands on your phone.

Comodo Security for Android . Comodo Security for Android

Traffic Monitoring enables you to monitor the amount of data you use. You set your phone company’s billing date and the data allowance, and it tracks usage. The amount used and the amount remaining is also shown at the top of the notifications list. This feature worked well and it shows usage as figures and as a daily chart. It will even you how much each app used, and you can set an alarm triggered when you near your limit. There is a firewall, but it just says that there is no root access.

An Anti Theft module enables you to send text messages to your phone to locate it, sound an alarm, lock it, wipe it, or take a photo. Again, some features worked, but others did not. I could not get the location, but I could get a photo of whoever was using the phone.

Some parts of Comodo Security & Antivirus are good and worked well, but others were either not supported by my phone (which is a common model), or version of Android (5.0). It is worth trying and if everything works on your phone, it is recommended – it has over 12,000 five-star ratings on the store. I will not be keeping it on my phone though.

TitleComodo Security & Antivirus
Price: Free
Developer: Comodo Security Solutions
Size: 16 MB
Version: 2.7.4
Android: 2.2 and up