Security and privacy is a constant concern with mobile phones and tablets. Could someone access your contacts, personal information, photos, or run apps and change settings? AppLock will prevent this.

Privacy and security problems with mobile devices can arise in several ways and someone might ask to have a look at your phone. As they explore the menus and features, they could access something you would rather keep private.

You might show someone your latest photos, but then they start exploring all your other photos, including ones you don’t want them to see. You could lend your phone or tablet to child so that they can play a game on it, it keeps them quiet! They could quit the app when they get bored and then have access to the device, perhaps accessing the store to get more apps, uninstalling things, changing system settings, and so on. Children can be very mischievous.

AppLock is designed to do one thing and this is to lock apps. It is exactly what the name implies and it enables you to add a password or pin code to everything, not just apps, but to some phone functions and settings too.

After creating a PIN code, every app on the Android phone or tablet is listed and there is a padlock next to it. Tap the padlock and from now on whenever you run that app you must enter the PIN code.

AppLock security for Android  AppLock for Android

It does not appear to stop apps running and those with audio, such as a game playing music, can be heard in the background. AppLock appears to just overlay the screen with the PIN code unlock prompt. I tried bypassing it, such as going to the task switcher and selecting the app, which can be seen, but it just went back to the AppLock PIN code screen.

I doubt AppLock will keep out the NSA and other government spy agencies, and it isn’t intended to be a super secure app, but it is sufficient to prevent your friends, kids and anyone that picks up your phone or tablet from accessing things you don’t want them to mess with.

There are some extras features that make AppLock even more useful. For example, there is a Photo Vault and a Video Vault. These enable you to browse the photos and videos on the device and to move them to a secure vault. You have to open AppLock to access the photos and vdieos and AppLock is protected with the PIN code. You can move photos and videos out of the vault too.

AppLock for Android security  AppLock for Android security

Profiles can be created and this enables you to go through all the apps and device settings and choose whether they can be accessed or not. A couple of ready-made profiles are provided and Unlock All can be selected when you are using the phone, and Guest can be selected when you lend your phone to someone. You could create a Child profile for example, that limits them to accessing the games you specify and nothing else.

There are Time and Location Locks and these enable you to apply a profile during certain hours of the say or when you connect to a particular Wi-Fi network, such as work, home, a public hotspot and so on. There are plugins and one is for kids and the other increases security for the app, making it harder to bypass.

AppLock is a useful tool that can be used to increase privacy and make it safer to hand over your phone to someone to let them use it. 

Title: AppLock 
Price: Free
Developer: DoMobile Lab
Size: Varies with device
Version: Varies with device