First Samsung, then Motorola and now LG has announced a smartwatch. Competition in the marketplace is heating up with some of the biggest players joining in. Like Motorola's watch, LG's is powered by Android Wear and LG and Google are working together on the new wearables platform. Will this be a Nexus Watch sold by Google? It certainly sounds like it might.


Unlike Samsung's smartwatch, the LG G Watch will be compatible with a wide range of Android phones, so any recent model running the latest version of Android should be fine and this opens up the market to a lot of potential buyers.

LG G Watch

The watch will display relevant notifications and other useful information on its tiny screen. It will also be voice powered and as with recent Android powered devices, you can say "OK Google" to ask questions, perform searches and carry out actions.

The design is important with watches because they are purchased as much on looks as functionality. Probably more so. The LG G Watch looks a bit dull and slab-like, but a nice strap, barely visible in the photo, would help.

From what LG has said, it appears that the LG G Watch is working, but it will still be months rather than weeks before it is ready to go on sale. More news is promised as the project nears completion.