Inside Out is the latest animated movie from Disney Pixar, creators of Frozen and other great movies and there is a fantastic app to go with it that will have you hooked from the start. You won’t be able to put it down!

The movie is about a young girl called Riley and the emotions in her head – Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. These emotions influence her actions and you get to see how they interact with each other and affect Riley. Go and see it, it is a great movie.

Back to the game though and Inside Out Thought Bubbles is an old game that has been given a makeover to fit in with the movie. At the top of the screen are coloured bubbles (memories) and at the bottom of the screen is a launcher. You aim the launcher with your finger and fire a coloured bubble up the screen. If it sticks to two or more bubbles of the same colour, they pop. The aim is to clear the screen of bubbles.

Disney Pixar Inside Out  Disney Pixar Inside Out Thought Bubbles

Inside Out Thought Bubbles takes the game to a new level and adds extra features, power-ups, characters from the movie, bonuses, new objectives and more.

There are around 125 levels to master and they start off being quite easy and I did not lose a life until I got to level 14. The game helps you to aim your shot by drawing a line part of the way and you can bounce off the sides of the screen.

Line Power can be purchased with gems and this draws the complete line so you can see exactly where the bubble will hit. Rainbow Memory matches all the colours it hits. These and other special features make Inside Out a lot easier, but you have to earn (slowly) or buy (with real money) the gems you need. Various packs are available from £0.76 to £38.45 (UK prices). Other aids become available later on.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Thought Bubbles app for Android  Disney Pixar Inside Out Thought Bubbles app for Android

The emotions start off with Joy and each one has a superpower. Joy’s will enable the bubble you shoot to match any colour, and Sadness rains down from the top of the screen clearing bubbles. The emotions appear at intervals throughout the game and the first dozen or so levels feature Joy, then around level 15 Sadness comes along. The emotions stand at the side of the screen and offer encouragement and special powers.

It is not all about matching bubble colours and some levels have targets that are surrounded by bubbles. You clear the bubbles so you can then hit the target. Some memory bubbles are frozen around a central point and must be cleared.

There are also trapped Mind Workers that must be freed. These characters are trapped in the memory bubbles and you must clear the bubbles without hitting the Mind Workers to free them.

Disney Pixar Inside Out Thought Bubbles app for Android  Disney Pixar Inside Out Thought Bubbles app for Android

This is a great game and although it is similar to others (a search in the Google Play Store for 'bubble shooter' will turn up dozens), I found this Disney-Pixar version to be sufficiently different and very entertaining. The special powers, different missions, and emotions all make this a great game that is recommended for all ages.

I played it on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Android phone, but it runs on the iPhone and iPad too.

Title: Inside Out Thought Bubbles 
Price: Free (optional in-app purchases)
Developer: Disney
Size: 67 MB (installed)
Version: 1.3.1
Android: 4.0.3 and up