Unless you have the luxury of owning a phone or tablet with 32GB or more of memory, it is quite likely that you are short of space. It is easy to run out of space on a 16GB phone or tablet, and if the device is only 8GB you need to think about some serious memory saving techniques. Here is one tip for saving space on your phone or tablet.

Some websites are available as apps and the idea is that by having the app on the phone or tablet, it is easier to access the news, articles and other features than by using a web browser.

Well, yes it is, but the apps occupy space on the device's storage and they may download a lot of content that occupies even more storage space.

This means that the app will reduce the amount of space available on the phone or tablet.

Do you really need an app though? The rise in mobile computing in the form of tablets and smartphones has encouraged website developers to redesign their websites so that they are accessible from a hand-held device and they look good on small screens.

You might not need an app and accessing the website directly might be just as good. By deleting the app and using a web browser you will free up valuable storage space.

The first task is to find out whether the website works well on the device. Use the Chrome browser to visit the website.

Sometimes you can see the URL switch in the browser's address bot to the mobile version of the website, such as m.somewhere.com. The m stands for mobile. (It's worth putting m. in front of a URL to see if there is a mobile version.)

Chrome shortcut . Chrome shortcut

 If the website is fine, press the menu button and select Add to home screen. This creates an icon on the home screen (or the next available one if it is already full of icons).

Tapping the icon takes you straight to the website. A shortcut or bookmark as it is sometimes called, takes up almost no space, unlike apps.