Remember Snake on the old and classic Nokia 3310 phone? Arrow is like a modern version of that, with a few twists and turns. It is fast paced, highly addictive and frustratingly difficult. You won’t be able to stop playing.

In the famous Nokia game, you controlled a snake that slithered around the screen and when it ate something it would grow longer. You just had to keep from biting your own tail.

Arrow (I played it on a Samsung Galaxy S4, but it works on an iPhone too), is similar and you control a snake, and when you eat morsels of food left lying around your tail grows longer and longer.

There are a couple of major differences between Snake and Arrow though and there is only one control – press the screen and you slither to the left. Lift your finger off the screen and the arrow veers towards the right. There isn’t any way to go straight and you either go diagonally left or right depending on whether you press the screen or not.

The screen scrolls down and walls quickly appear. You must navigate a tortuous and frequently narrow passage between the left and right walls. You must run over the food to grow and pick up gems for buying items later.

Arrow for Android  Arrow game app

That is all the game amounts to and the only variation as you play is the wall colours and shapes, and the arrow (snake) head.

The game is really difficult and it compares to Flappy Bird and similar games. It is so hard it should not be fun, but somehow it manages to keep you hooked. Perhaps it is the embarrassment of scoring just single digits the first few times you play that spurs you on to gain a better score.

It seems too hard, but sometimes you get into a sort of rhythm, swinging one way and then the other, narrowly missing the walls., and then you get your score to double digits! Ten might not sound like a good score, but try it. It will take you many attempts to get just that far.

There is a high score table so you can see how you compare to others, and achievements to complete like playing 50 games, scoring 50 or 100 points, and so on.

Arrow for Android  Arrow game app

Gems can be picked up in the game, but you can also earn them by watching video adverts. The game is free, but is advertising supported. If you don’t want adverts then you can buy packs of gems for a fee. Gems can be used to buy skins or backgrounds. Skins are arrow (snake) heads and there are 15 available, and backgrounds are the wall colours and tiles.

It is easy to earn 50 or more gems just by playing the game and watching a few video ads. This is enough to get the lowest priced items in the store for free.

Arrow is a very simple game that is tough to master and very addictive. If you are looking for a challenge then have a go and see how far you get. You should break into double digits scores in half an hour and perhaps get close to treble digits after a day or so. Just keep at it.

Title: Arrow 
Price: Free
Developer: Ketchapp
Size: 19 MB
Version: 1.1
Android: 4.1 and later
Verdict: Great fun, but really hard