There are a number of games for your phone that are super simple, very hard, frustrating, yet lots of fun. Flappy Bird and Crossy Road are two examples, and now Cliffy Jump. It's fast, addictive and entertaining.

The app should really be called Wally Jump, but that does not sound right. It is not about jumping off cliffs, but running along a raised wall and jumping the obstacles that are in your way.

You don't steer and the character, of which there are 60, although I have only discovered a few so far, runs along the wall and follows its twists and turns automatically. There is just one control and you tap the screen to jump.

Cliffy Jump app

At first there are gaps in the wall with spikes below and you must jump them. Longer gaps require greater precision and you must jump at just the right moment as your character runs along the wall.

After completing a level, the next one introduces an extra obstacle or two and you must jump up steps. There are small ones that are easy and larger ones that require you to jump at the right moment. Spikes must be jumped too, and there may be several obstacles in quick succession, which requires concentration and pixel-perfect jumping.

Cliffy Jump for Android

Your character runs along the wall and doesn't fall off, but you can jump off if you jump at a corner.

The design of the walls, the path you follow, and the obstacles can be confusing when you try to look ahead and plan where you need to jump from and to. The character cannot be stopped, so there is little time to think, although there is a game pause control which can help.

It is such a simple game, yet it is so addictive and frustrating you can't help but like it. There are several sets of walls in each level and when you die, as you inevitably will, you return to the first wall of the level.

This is frustrating, but there are two ways to continue on the wall you last tried. One is to watch a video advert, some are short, some are long and the other is to pay for it with gold (more like orange blobs). You earn a little in the game and by watching video adverts, but you can also buy it with in-app-purchases (UK £22.57 is the most expensive purchase).

Cliffy Jump app

Cliffy Jump is excellent if you like this sort of simple game. It is one that you play for 10 or 15 minutes on your phone when you have nothing to do and want a bit of fun. There are 14 areas to unlock and 80 characters to discover. This will keep you occupied for quite some time.

The app runs on both Android and iOS, but I played it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it ran fine. It is recommended.

Title: Cliffy Jump 
Price: Free
Developer: WeGo Interactive 
Size: 35 MB
Version: 1.1.1
Android: 2.3 and up
Verdict: Great fun