Are you having problems with your wireless network? Analysing the Wii-Fi signals could be useful in diagnosing problems and getting a better idea of how it works. WiFi Overview 360 is a free Android app that will do the job.

Getting a wireless network up and running reliably is often easy, but sometimes you can run into reliability problems. The Wi-Fi signal may not be accessible in certain areas of your home or office for example. It may clash with neighbouring networks because they share certain settings. Or you might just be curious as to whether it is set up OK and working properly.

WiFi Overview 360 is a useful app for Android phones, but the information it displays is quite technical, so it is best for someone that knows a bit about how wireless networks are set up.

There are several tabs and on the Main tab it scans the airwaves and lists the wireless networks that can be detected. The networks listed are the same as those you will see if you go to Wi-Fi in the phone’s settings, but WiFi Overview 360 displays more information.

You can see the network name, the IP address, the speed (what you should get rather than what it actually is), the number of 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, and the channel numbers. Tapping a network enables you to connect to it.

You can walk around holding your phone and the display constantly updates to show the network information. This is useful in areas where there are a lot of wireless networks because they can interfere with each other.

WiFi Overview 360 for Android

The WLAN Info tab shows a live chart of the signal strength and there is a large meter. As before, you can walk around with this and check the signal strength in each room of your home or workplace. If the meter falls into the red area on the right, it means the signal is very weak and consequently you will have difficulty maintaining a reliable wireless connection.

Wi-Fi analyser for Android phones

Moving your Wi-Fi router to a different location can help to boost the signal strength. For example, instead of putting it on the floor, raise it high up. Don’t hide it behind a TV or cabinet, bring it around to the front. Move it as far the power or network cable will go and recheck each room with the signal strength meter.

The Graphs tab shows more live charts of each of the wireless networks within range. Yours should be the highest and you might need a Wi-Fi range extender (Google them for places to buy them) to boost the signal in dead spots.

Wi-Fi analyser for Android phones  WiFi Overview 360

The Ch. Check tab shows the Wi-Fi channels (there are usually 13) and the longer the bar, the better. A short bar means that several Wi-Fi networks in the area are all using the channel and the traffic on them can cause them to operate poorly. Ideally you want to be the only Wi-Fi network on a channel, but failing that, use one with the fewest networks – the longest bar.

The Ch. Radar tab shows the Wi-Fi signals as a chart. Ideally, your network should be the largest and should not overlap with others. If this is not possible, just select the channel in your Wi-Fi router to the one with the least traffic and locate the router (and extender if you have one), to give the maximum signal strength.

Title: WiFi Overview 360 
Price: Free
Developer: Andreas Kraemer, KAIBITS Software
Size: 4.7 MB
Version: 2.54.01
Android: 2.3 and up
Verdict: Highly technical geek tool, but good.