Modern Conflict for AndroidTwo years after the original Modern Conflict comes Modern Conflict 2, which updates the old real-time strategy war game with new battles and new features. It’s a brilliant action-packed game for your phone or tablet.

The app puts you in charge of a modern army and there are a variety of weapons and vehicles, including tanks, guns, missiles and helicopters. Some battles use only ground forces, some use air forces, and some use everything.

The enemy’s forces are controlled either by the app or a real player and you can go head to head against someone else with the app. It takes a few seconds to find someone, but there are real people to battle and this adds an extra dimension to the game that was not in the original.

Both you and the enemy start with one or two bases and on the battlefield are a number of neutral bases. All of the bases are connected by roads along which the tanks can travel.

Modern Conflict for Android

Helicopters can travel to any base, but tanks must travel by road, which limits their movement to the next adjacent base.

When you attack a base, enemy or neutral, you and the base lose an equal number of units. The side with units remaining claims the base. If you have 15 tanks and attack a base that has 10, then you will win and five tanks are left on the base. (You can sometimes, but not always, see base numbers.)

Tanks, helicopters and missiles increase in number over time. Missiles increase slowly, but tanks and helicopters increase by one every second or two. This means that you can wait a few seconds to build up your forces before attacking the neighbouring base.

Modern Conflict 2 for Android

It might sound like a slow game, but it is the exact opposite. Battles are fast and furious, and there is hardly time to think. You have to constantly move your units around to attack neutral bases to take them over and so they build more of your units, while the enemy is doing the same.

You can send half your units off in one direction and half in another, fire a missile and send tanks following it to mop up the remainder of the enemy, while strengthening your bases, defending against attack, moving up units from the rear and so on, all at the same time.

Modern Conflict for Android

The pace leaves you breathless and battles are sometimes over in two minutes. Nothing is static for more than a couple of seconds.

Extra firepower, protection and other extras are available and can be purchased before a mission. Having the right equipment can swing the battle your way.

These extras, their effects and the way they are used are fine in theory. In the midst of a battle I cannot remember what half of them do or how to use them. They appear as a series of icons across the screen, but they are hard to use when you don’t know what they do. There are tutorials, but new information is presented so quickly that I could not remember everything.

Modern Conflict for Android

These are minor criticisms though and this game is a blast. It is really good fast and furious fun. I played it on a Samsung Galaxy S4, an Android phone, but it also runs on the iPhone and iPad too.

Title: Modern Conflict 2 
Price: Free (in app purchases)
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment
Size: 61MB installed
Version: 1.24.3
Android: 2.3.3 and up
Verdict: An excellent war game. Recommended.