How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10? A 5, 7, 8? Maybe a 9? Whatever your state of mind, there are apps for your phone that can make you happier, or so they claim. Here are three candidates for happy app of the year.

These apps aim to increase your happiness by performing activities, focusing on happy thoughts and joining in group sharing. The big question is, do they work?



Happify’s home screen is bright and colourful. You might even say cheerful. There are several tiles with words associated with happiness like Savor, Thanks, Aspire, Give and so on. Tap Savor for example, and you are encouraged to savour something by taking a photo and writing a note.

Thank is similar and you are encourages to upload or take a photo and type a message showing something that you are thankful or grateful for. You then select smiley or sad faces to show how much you enjoyed it.

There is a guided meditation activity and you select one of several different relaxing scenes like landscapes, the beach and so on. You can choose to relax for two, five or 10 minutes and a voice-over speaks soothing words and explains how to release tension.

There are also mini games, such as one where positive and negative words appear on balloons and you must tap the positive ones and ignore the negative ones. There is also a community where people share happy moments with a photo and comment, and you can follow people and they can follow you. 

Sluggish performance is an issue and it just didn’t work that well on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Sometimes the app was so slow it made me sad, not happy. The idea behind it is sound though.

Happify app  Happify app


Happiness Diary - HappyMe

HappyMe is a type of diary where you can log activities and track them over time. The home screen has a large scale that runs from 1 to 100 and a slider that you set to your current happiness level.

Below are activity categories that enable you to record what you have done today. There is Diet (what you ate), People (you met today), Activities (things you did), Sleep (the number of hours) and so on. Everything you do can be recorded.

Go to the History tab and you can see how your happiness level changed over past few days. There are weeks and seasons views too.

I found this less effective and the happiness slider allows only one setting for the whole day, but you might be unhappy in the morning, but happy in the afternoon. What would you set the scale to then? This app did not have much effect on me and didn’t particularly make me any happier, but try it for yourself.

Happiness Diary  HappyMe



Happier provides two things – a course and a community. The community is good and there are friends, featured and nearby views. People post happy thoughts and the things they did or that happened that made them happy.

It is a sort of social network and you can follow people you like, write comments on their posts, and so on. Profiles are limited to a username, which can be anything, and a photo, which can also be anything, so it is pretty anonymous. It is simply a group of people sharing happy events, activities and thoughts. A sort of happy social network and it is excellent.

There are also courses you can take like Gratitude and Meditation. However, I can only see two, perhaps because I’m a newbie. I hope there are more.

Happier app  Happier app


The most happy app

Happify would be the best if the performance issue could be fixed. It may just be an incompatibility with my phone. I liked the guided activities and the community.

The community in Happier is the happiest and if surrounding yourself with happy people doing happy things makes you happier then you should get this app. I am not sure it would make a grumpy person happy, but if you are already happy then this app will boost your happiness.