A great feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and S4 is the ability to customise the audio output to suit your hearing. Instead of general audio quality settings, you can have your own, fine tuned to your ears.

By adjusting the sound quality to suit your hearing, the phone will compensate for any defects. These might be so slight that you never noticed, but they can be detected and after tweaking the audio output, music and even speech, will sound much better. It depends on how good your hearing is, or how bad, and the effect can be quite significant. Just imagine how good your favourite music will sound when the audio is customised for your ears.

So how does the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other phones achieve this? They give you a hearing test. By measuring your ability to hear sounds at different frequencies, it can spot any weaknesses and so give a boost to them to bring your hearing back up to normal levels. It is a great idea.

These screen shots are from the Samsung Galaxy S6 running Android 5.1.1, but older phones and older versions of Android have the same capabilities. The menus look different, but you should be able to work out how to tweak the sound on your own phone.

1 Go to Settings

Pull down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon. Settings appears and at the top are some frequently accessed items. Select Sounds and notifications (it also appears further down the Settings screen too).

Samsung Galaxy Settings

2 Sound effects

Look down the list of settings and press Sound quality and effects.

Samsung Galaxy Settings

3 Sound options

There are three options on the S6 that aren’t on all phones. Turn off SoundAlive+ if it is on and also turn off Tube Amp. Press Adapt Sound at the top.

Samsung Galaxy Settings

4 Adapt Sound

Plug in your earphones if you have not already done so. The following test must be done in a quiet room with no other sound.

Samsung Galaxy Settings

5 Hearing beeps

The phone will send sounds to each ear – beeps – and you tap NO or YES to indicate whether you can hear them or not.

Samsung Galaxy Settings

6 Turn on Adapt sound

At the end of the test you can see your own hearing result and this is the blue curve. In the screenshot you can see that there are three areas – Excellent, Good, and Poor. Actually the bottom section is not labelled, but the implication is that if your hearing in this part it is pretty bad.

The orange curve is an indication of the audio when Adapt sound is turned on. Frequencies and volumes are boosted so that you can hear better.

 Samsung Galaxy Adapt Sound

After performing the test and turning on the feature, the sound will immediately be better. It will be better still if you select SoundAlive+ or Tube Amp is turned on – return to step 3.

Now put some music on, sit back and listen to the great music.