The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is more configurable than with previous versions of the Android phone and there are two useful tweaks you can make to the layout and content. Customise it and it will suit you better.

Is the Samsung's home screen as good as it could be? Is it full of icons? Do you wish there was more space for more icons and widgets? There are a couple of tweaks that can make the screen more useful.

To edit the contents of the home screen, just long press on an empty space until it switches to the following view. You may have different icons and widgets, but the edit facilities are the same.

Samsung home screen tweak 1

There is a special screen to the left of the home screen that shows news stories from Flipboard. It cannot be removed, but there is a tick box at the top that enables you to disable it and hide it.

Samsung Galaxy S6  Samsung Galaxy S6

When swiping through screens to find apps I often swipe too far and accidentally show the Flipboard news screen and it is irritating, so I hide it by clearing the tick box.

Samsung home screen tweak 2

The other tweak you can perform is to the layout of the icons and widgets on the home screens. Icons and widgets snap to a grid and this can be adjusted by tapping Screen grid.

Samsung Galaxy S6  Samsung Galaxy S6

There is a choice of 4 x 4, 4 x 5 and 5 x 5 grids. The 4 x 4 grid features large icons  and widgets, but selecting 5 x 5 shrinks the size of the icons and widgets, making them smaller. This allows more apps and widgets to be added to the home screens.

Suppose you had 50 icons. You would need four screens with the 4 x 4 grid, but only two with the 5 x 5 grid. That means less left and right swiping to find the app you want to run.

When the layout is as you want it, press the APPLY button at the bottom.