Beware of scams on the internet and on your mobile phone. Even when you think you are browsing a safe website, something could pop up on the screen that tries to trick you into doing something, like revealing information about yourself or installing unwanted software.

I was browsing LinkedIn the other day and while swiping up through the latest posts, a screen popped up that was very suspicious. I was using my phone and between the touch screen and my fat stubby fingers, I probably tapped something or the phone mistook a swipe for a tap. I don't even know what I pressed, but whatever it was, it was accidental.

Anyway, the following screen on the left appeared and it looked fake to me because there are several things wrong with it.

The first is that it says I am a London resident and I am not. That city is hundreds of miles away. It says I have been selected to win a prize, an iPhone 6, for being a loyal Thus Plc Ta Demon Internet user. I am not a user.

Phone scams  Phone scam

To claim my free iPhone 6 all I have to do is click Ok at the bottom and enter my personal details into the following page. Being a sceptical and suspicious person, I declined the offer. You should never enter personal details into any site or service you do not trust. But what do you do in this situation?

The solution, at least in this case, was to press the Home button to return to the home screen. Then press the app switcher button that brings up a list of suspended apps in the background. Close the offending item, LinkedIn in this case, or just close them all.

That did the trick, but if you come across something like this and that does not work, the next step would be to go to Settings and then Application Manager. Find the app, tap it, and then tap the Force Stop button. Under no circumstances should you do what it says on the screen.

Was it real or a scam? I didn’t bother to find out and giving iPhone 6es to random people on the internet sure sounds like a scam to me, so it just got deleted.

Beware of similar pop-up messages that fill the screen. Do not tap anywhere on the screen, even if there are OK or Cancel buttons because it can trigger all sorts of things, and can even install malware.