Touch screens have done away with the need for a physical keyboard, but are they easier to use? Use this simple tweak to make to the keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy S6 better.


How do you get on with the on-screen keyboard on your phone? Do you find it easy to use or do you often hit the wrong buttons? After all, there is no feedback with a keyboard on a phone screen and it is a static flat piece of glass. With real buttons you can feel the position under your fingers, but not with a phone.

Perhaps a bigger keyboard would make it easier to type.

Apart from hitting the wrong keys when typing, there is also the problem of the keyboard obscuring what is on the screen. Whenever you are asked to enter some information, such as your username or password for an app or website, the keyboard pops up and covers half the screen.

Do you wish the on-screen keyboard was smaller so that it does not obscure what is behind it?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 provides a facility to resize the keyboard and you can make it bigger and easier to type on or you can make it smaller so that it obscures less of the screen.

1 Go to Settings

Pull down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon to open Settings. It can also be accessed from the all-apps screen too. Scroll down the settings and press Language and input.

Samsung Galaxy settings

2 Select the keyboard

Among the Language and input settings is Default keyboard, which should say Samsung, and Samsung keyboard. Press Samsung keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy settings

3 Keyboard options

About half way down the list of settings is Adjust keyboard size. Press it.

Samsung Galaxy keyboard

4 Resize the keyboard

The next screen has a text entry line so that the keyboard appears on the screen. You can type anything and it is just to try out the keyboard settings. Press and drag the up/down button in the centre of the keyboard at the top. The two screen shots below show the difference between the largest and smallest settings for the keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy keyboard  Samsung Galaxy keyboard

It does not make a huge difference, but it is significant and it can be bigger or smaller as you prefer.