Of all the technical advances that have been made with mobile phones the one that is most wanted is increased battery power. Smart Manager on the Samsung Galaxy S6 can help.

Many users still struggle to get a day’s use out of their phone and it dies before the day is out unless they can get to a power socket and charge it up. Poor battery life has to be the number one complaint from mobile users.

Battery technology is improving and we have better batteries than were around 10 years ago, but the rest of the hardware and software in the phone just soaks up any improvements and renders them ineffective.

It is a constant battle to get more life out of the phone’s battery and there are many utilities that can help. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Android phone then you do not need to download and install a battery app because there is a useful tool bundled with the device.

Smart Manager is a handy multifunction app that performs several tasks and one of these is to monitor the power usage of apps and the phone.

Go to the all-apps screen and find Smart Manager. Here is shows a notification indicated by the 1 on the icon. Something is up. Opening the app displayed this message and it reports that an app is using an unusually large amount of battery power.

Samsung Smart Manager  Smart Manager for Android

The usage is displayed near the bottom and it says 2% has been used. That’s not a lot, but there are buttons to ignore it, force stop it and uninstall it. The app wasn’t being used and didn’t need to be running in the background so it could safely be stopped.

After dealing with the power-hungry app, the Smart Manager home screen is displayed. Let’s take a look at the Battery section and leave the others for another time.

Tap Battery and it tells you the current charge and the estimated time remaining. It shows the phone is in power saving mode. Samsung phones can limit the CPU speed and a few other things to extend battery life. Tap it if it is not in power saving mode and turn it on. Its effect on performance is barely noticeable.

Samsung Smart Manager  Smart Manager for Android

If all apps are behaving normally with regard to power consumption then the bottom Check button will not be there. If one or more apps are using too much power then tap the Check button and see what it says.

This is the same app as in the earlier warning. I didn’t stop it then because I wanted to show you this. Force Stop an app if it shows up here. Normally Podcast Republic is fine and it was an odd glitch that somehow made it use too much battery.

Samsung Smart Manager  Smart Manager for Android

Return to the previous screen and tap the Battery Usage button. Here you can see a chart of the battery level over time. The slope of the chart is extended to estimate the time left. Down near the bottom is the beginning of a list of apps sorted by the amount of battery power they have used. Swipe up to see the full list.

Smart Manager for Android  Smart Manager for Android

Apps can be tapped to open a details screen. It is not always helpful, but sometimes you can see a reason why the app is using so much battery, such as uploading or downloading a lot of data, or using the GPS.

With Smart Manager on your Samsung Galaxy S6 there is less need for a battery saver app. The fewer apps you need to install, the longer the battery will last. It is worth dragging Smart Manager to the home screen to create a shortcut. Then you can see the badges on the icon warning you of excessive battery usage by apps.