Are there some settings on your Samsung Galaxy S6 that you access more than most? You can make them easier and faster to access by editing the Quick settings screen.

Samsung provides three ways to access the phone and Android settings and two of these ways can be customised so that they display your favourites. In this article I will look at the Settings app and how to customise the Quick settings section at the top.

To be honest, it isn’t that hard, but like a lot of things, you probably just haven’t bothered to change the default configuration. Well you should! Take a minute or two to customise the Settings screen and it can make accessing your most used settings faster and easier.

Pull down from the top of the screen and tap the gear icon in the top right corner to open Settings. You can also go to the all-apps screen and tap the icon, but that is a long winded method that is best avoided.

In the top half of the screen is a collection of icons and these take you straight to certain settings. However, they may not be the most useful items. For example, there is Data usage in the top left corner, but Data usage is actually on the screen anyway and it is down at the bottom. It is even easier to press with your thumb when holding the phone, so why duplicate it at the top? Data Usage in the Quick settings area could be replaced by something more useful.

Samsung Galaxy settings  Samsung Galaxy settings

Tap the EDIT link in the top right corner and a long list of settings is displayed. The ones with ticks are shown in the Quick access area at the top of the Settings screen. Clear the tick against Data usage and find something you access frequently and tap it to tick it. Replace any of the other items you rarely use with those settings that you access a lot.

When choosing the settings to add, do not duplicate those that are displayed when you pull down from the top of the screen. There is a horizontal row of icons that turn features on and off at the top of the screen when you pull down from the top. Don’t add Flight mode to the Quick settings area if you have Flight mode at the top of the screen when you pull down. Choose different settings.

After selecting the Quick setting items, click the back button in the top left corner of the screen and see the new Quick settings section. It should now be more useful.