If you are the sort of persona that checks their horoscope before doing anything else in a morning, here are five entertaining Android apps that will give you your daily dose of astrology.


Daily Horoscope

The home screen of this horoscope app shows all of the zodiac signs and to get today’s reading you just tap your sign. If you are not sure what it is, there is an option in the menu to find out by entering your birthday. You can view today’s reading, tomorrow’s and yesterday’s. In addition to daily forecasts, there is a yearly one for each sign. The information is comprehensive and stretches to several screens, covering love, family, career and general topics.

There is a yearly Chinese forecast for the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit and so on, but there is no indication as to which zodiac animal you are. You must find out elsewhere. The forecast is comprehensive and there are several screens of text to read.

There is also a Druid horoscope and this has a facility to find out your sign. For those that don’t know, the signs are based on trees, like apple tree, ash tree, fir tree, hazel and so on. The information is comprehensive.

There is a compatibility test that enables you to see how well two people will get along based on their star signs.

Daily Horoscope  Daily Horoscope

Title: Daily Horoscope 
Price: Free
Developer: Horoscope by Comitic


My Horoscope

My Horoscope starts up with today’s reading and it is short, but adequate. Swiping left and right enables you to view yesterday and before yesterday, tomorrow and for the next seven days. Having the whole week ahead mapped out for you is a great idea and you can see what is coming up next and plan forward.

Unfortunately, the app does not have anything else apart from the ability to select the star sign and add a friend or two. It is a lightweight application that you can check each day, but it takes just a minute to read your horoscope. Where are the weekly, monthly, yearly reports?

My Horoscope  My Horoscope app

Title: My Horoscope 
Price: Free
Developer: ID Mobile SA


Astro Horoscope

Astro Horoscope has plenty of content to keep you entertained and across the top of the screen is Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly. With the daily horoscope you can see yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Each horoscope also has a good amount of content and there is some general information first and this is followed by several sections including single’s love, couple’s love, flirt, finance, and career. This is a fascinating read.

The zodiac sign can be tapped to view the characteristics and see a profile. There is even a list of celebrities that you share the star sign with. In addition to this, there is a compatibility report. Two star signs are selected and you can see how well they will get along. There are several screens full of text for each match.

This is one of the better apps and it has a lot of content.

Astro Horoscope app  Astro Horoscope app

Title: Astro Horoscope 
Price: Free
Developer: Medoli



The simply named Horoscope looks good and has a lot of features and content. There are in-app purchases for some of it, but most of the functions are free.

After selecting your zodiac sign on the home screen, your horoscope is presented and it is organised into sections like love, mood, wellness, and career. In addition to the text, there is a rating with a score out of 6 for each section. It enables you to see at a glance what to expect for the day.

Horoscope has more than daily reports and you can view today, tomorrow, week, month and year reports. The week horoscope has ratings for love, money and luck, and lots of information about the week, weekend, advice, things to avoid, and so on. The year horoscope is organised into monthly reports.

There is a compatibility feature where two star signs are selected and you can see whether the relationship will work. There are strengths, weaknesses, an overview, a rating and more.

There are some adverts and in-app purchases, such as for live chat readings, but they aren’t too distracting. Overall, this is a good app.

Horoscope app  Horoscope app

Title: Horoscope 
Price: Free
Developer: Horoscopre.fr


Horoscope Pro

This app is unusual because it enables you to create multiple profiles. You can add anyone providing you know their birthday, so your partner, friends and others can be added. You can switch profiles and this changes the horoscopes and other information.

You can also select two profiles and see how compatible they are and there is a long explanation of the type of relationship to expect between the two people. The good points and the bad points are highlighted.

Only today’s horoscope is available and you cannot see tomorrow’s, next week, or the whole year. It is quite limited in this respect. However, today’s horoscope is organised into sections like love, whealth (does it mean wealth or health, or a combination of the two?), and welfare. The details are brief, but OK.

The Astral Card screen has horoscope, decanate, element, Chinese and Mayan cards and there is information for each one. Some are light on text, but others are comprehensive and extend over multiple screens.

In some parts this is a good app, but it lacks weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes.

Horoscope Pro app  Horoscope Pro app

Title: Horoscope Pro 
Price: Free
Developer: EvSoft



Whether you believe in the power of astrology and horoscopes or not, these apps can be useful and entertaining. I am not a believer and the position of stars in the night sky millions of miles away have no effect on anyone at all. They cannot predict anything and certainly not what the future holds for each of us.

However, they do offer some good advice from time to time. For example, “You are probably blowing a recent mistake out of all proportion,” and “A person in your inner circle may not want to hear your criticism,” and “Put your emotional angst to good use by tackling a significant project.”

There are lots of excellent tips, advice and suggestions for coping with life in these horoscopes and you can benefit from reading them. My favourites are Astro Horoscope and Horoscope.