Anyone that spends a lot of time driving a car will know about the problems that mobile phones can cause. Calls, messages, alarms and notifications can all distract you from the task in hand, which can potentially be dangerous.


There are laws in some countries to prevent or restrict how you can use mobile phones in cars, but a lot of problems can be solved by configuring your phone correctly for the car.

In this article I’ll be using a Samsung Galaxy S4, so you might not have all the features this has. The menus might be different too, but every phone has at least some of the features if you dig around in the settings.

So what sort features do you need when driving? Basically you want to turn on auto-everything so that you don’t have to actually touch the phone. If you can keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road you will be a lot safer and less likely to be pulled over by the police.

Go to Settings, My device and there is a button to turn on Hands-free mode. Turn it on and then press Hands-free mode to access its settings. Turn on everything. This instructs the phone to read out loud anything that happens. For example, read out callers’ information when receiving incoming calls, read out senders’ information when new messages arrive, and so on.

Car settings for mobile phones . Car settings for mobile phones

There is also Air call-accept. This is a Samsung feature that enables calls to be answered just by waving your hand in front of it. You don’t actually need to pick it up and swipe to answer a call.

These features won’t work properly if the phone is in your pocket or bag and it is best if it is securely mounted on the dashboard or some other place.

Return to Settings, My Device and press Call. There are a couple of items here that are useful and the first is Answering/ending calls. The Samsung Galaxy S4 can be set to answer calls simply by saying “Answer” to it. So if the phone is mounted on the dashboard and it rings, just keep your hands on the wheel and shout out “Answer!”

Car settings for mobile phones . Car settings for mobile phones

The other item is Call accessories. If you have a headset you can turn on Automatic answering. When the phone rings, it will automatically answer. There is an Automatic answering timer and this lets you choose the number of rings before the phone answers. It’s your choice whether to let it ring for 2, 5 or 10 seconds.

Drive safely!

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