Aliens have landed and they are invading, bringing death and destruction to the world. It is up to you and your army to defend it from the monstrous hoards and save the world. Top fun for your tablet or phone.

Alien Creeps belongs to the tower defense game genre and it is typical of this category. In a nutshell, the enemy advances along a path and you place towers containing various guns along the route. The towers must kill the enemy invaders before they reach the end of the path and your base.

All tower defense games are broadly similar of course, but also each one is different in its own way. This one involves aliens that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and capabilities. You control a modern army and machine gun towers can be placed to blast the aliens to bits as they travel along the route.

It is not quite that simple of course, and projectile weapons do not work against all aliens. Some of them have shields to defend themselves from your attacks. To take out these, you can place high powered laser towers that cut through the shields to destroy them.

Alien Creeps

Troops can be deployed in several different ways and a troop tower produces troops. You can then place a flag where the troops are to assemble. As the enemy approaches they automatically engage them in battle. Extra troops can also be brought in by helicopter and dropped at any point, which is useful if you are losing the battle and need reinforcements.

Air support can be called upon and after designating the target, planes quickly fly in and bomb the critters causing lots of damage. It’s very satisfying.

Alien Creeps

A Tesla tower is devastatingly destructive and fries multiple enemy units each time it fires what looks like lightning bolts of electricity. This tower is under manual rather than automatic control and you can choose when and where to fire, but it can be used only a limited number of times. As the aliens attack in five waves, each one stronger than the previous one, it is best to keep the Tesla tower for the later waves where you are struggling to survive.

There are also heroes, a sort of super soldier that is very powerful and deadly. They are useful as a last line of defense for any aliens that get through the towers. Heroes earns coins for each alien killed and these can be used to pay for weapons upgrades and research into new technologies. Upgrading them takes time, but gems can be used to speed up research. Towers must be upgraded as you progress through the game as the enemy becomes tougher to kill. 

Alien Creeps tower defense game

Alien Creeps is great fun and it is not a game where you can sit back and watch after placing your defense towers. You can move heroes to new positions to better engage the advancing enemy, and you can call up air support and extra troops and choose where to target them based on what is happening on the ground. The Tesla tower must be manually activated too.

There are in-app purchases that can be used to gain extra heroes or to speed up upgrades, but you don’t have to spend any money to have fun. They just enable you to progress faster.

Alien Creeps tower defense game

The app is available on Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Amazon Fire HD tablets. I played it for a while on the Amazon Fire HD, but later switched to an iPad where, strangely, I found it a bit easier. It runs pretty much the same on all platforms though.

Alien Creeps is an excellent game that is very entertaining. If you are a tower defense fan then this is one to add to your collection.

Title: Alien Creeps TD (Android | iOS)
Price: Free
Developer: Outplay Entertainment
Version: 1.12
Android: 4.0.3 and up
iOS: 7.0 and up
Verdict: Good fun, great graphics and lots of action. Recommended.