Two motorcycling games are on test – Traffic Rider and Highway Traffic Rider. Both offer endless riding through traffic-filled streets and are great fun to play whenever you have a spare minute.


Traffic Rider

In Traffic Rider you have a choice of game modes and if you select the Career option you are given a series of missions. There are around 40 of them and you start with the simplest and work your way through increasingly difficult ones.

A mission consists of riding your bike through city streets with tall buildings either side, along roads through open countryside, over bridges and through tunnels. You must travel a certain distance within a set time.

Traffic Rider for Android

The controls are very basic and you tilt the phone to steer left or right, the throttle is on the right and the brake on the left. That’s all you need and you don’t even need the brake most of the time. The only way to get through most missions is full throttle.

Many roads are one way, but sometimes it is two-way and you have to watch out for oncoming cars and trucks. When your speed rises above 100, you gain extra points for close misses as you weave in and out of the traffic.

Traffic Rider motorcycle app

A slow speed bump does no harm, although drivers get irate and blast their horns at you, but a high speed crash throws you off your motorcycle. After a few seconds you get back on and continue.

There are other game modes, such as an endless racer in which you try to travel as far as possible without crashing, time trials against the clock and free ride.

You start off with a slow, low powered moped, but better motorcycles are available. The bikes can also be upgraded and more power, better brakes and improved handling are all available. To unlock these you can earn points and gold in the game (vert slowly) or you can purchase upgrades with real money.

Traffic Rider motorcycle app

The graphics are excellent and are quite details. The roads, buildings, sky, and other vehicles look great, and the night rides illuminated by your headlight are nicely done. There is an option to lower the graphics detail if you need to.

TitleTraffic Rider
Price: Free
Developer: Soner Kara
Size: Not specified (130 MB installed)


Highway Traffic Rider

Although this game is called Highway Traffic Rider in the Google Play Store, it is called Traffic Moto Rider and the caption on the icon after installing it is just Moto Rider. That was a bit confusing at first.

You start the game with $10,000 and this is just sufficient to purchase the cheapest of a wide range of motorcycles. These look great in the virtual showroom and they look pretty close to the real thing.

Highway Traffic Rider for Android

The game has two modes and there is one-way traffic and two-way. You can choose the one you want and after each game you can switch from one to the other.

The game involves riding as far and as fast as you can without crashing. The controls are a bit frustrating and the bike handles poorly, although it does improve slightly with upgrades. When dodging the other vehicles on the road the bike feels slow and cumbersome when changing direction. This makes it easy to inadvertently crash when weaving in and out of cars and trucks.

Highway Traffic Rider for Android

There are throttle and brake controls, but oddly, the bike accelerates if you don’t touch anything. The throttle appears to be just for extra acceleration and pulling wheelies. When using the throttle you spend far too much time with the front wheel in the air.

In addition to the sluggish handling, if you get anywhere near the sides of the road or another vehicle you crash. It often looks and feels like you are well clear of something and you end up skidding down the road getting a bad case of gravel rash.

Highway Traffic Rider for Android

As you progress through the game you earn money and this can be used to purchase upgrades for your motorcycle or to buy a better model. Upgrades increase the power and improve the handling. Of course, you can use real money to buy in-app-purchases to upgrade faster.

TitleHighway Traffic Rider
Price: Free
Developer: ZipZap Games
Size: 47 MB



Traffic Rider is a clear winner for me and this is because of the way the motorcycle handles. You can flick from side to side at high speed, narrowly missing other vehicles. The graphics are brilliant too, with nice lighting effects at night, or at sunset.

Highway Traffic Rider did not have the same sort of feel for me. The bike handled poorly and crashed when I was no-where near anything. Both games have adverts, but Highway Traffic Riders are more irritating.