AVG battery indicator

Near the top of most people’s feature wish list for their mobile phone must surely be a longer life battery and better performance. AVG Battery Saver & Tuneup for Android promises both of those and the app is free on the Google Play Store, so it sounds like a must-have app.

I tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and the home screen is an information display that has four sections. There is Task Killer, which shows the number of running tasks and the amount of free memory, Battery Consumption shows the current level, Data Usage displays the data used (Wi-Fi doesn’t count), and Storage Usage. You can find all this information elsewhere on your phone, but it is more convenient to have this essential information displayed on one screen.

AVG Battery Save and Tuneup . AVG Battery Save and Tuneup 

Tap Task Killer and it lists the tasks (apps) that are running and you can close ones you don’t want or kill them all with one tap. You can also view the processes (things that run in the background) too, and any of these can be stopped. There are ways to view tasks and processes and stop them in Android, but again AVG’s app just makes it a bit more accessible and there are fewer menus to navigate.

Battery Consumption enables you to set an alert when the battery falls below 30% and you can set it to turn on power-saving mode automatically at 10%, 30% or 50% battery levels. The power saving options are fairly basic and just involve turning off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, turning down the brightness and volume, and so on. There is nothing exceptional here, but more useful is the Time Remaining screen which shows how long the battery will last under certain conditions. For example, you can see the idle time, talk time, audio and video playback times and so on.

AVG Battery Save and Tuneup . AVG Battery Save and Tuneup

The Data Usage section enables you to configure it with your monthly data allowance and date it renews. There are two useful functions here and one is that it can warn you when you have used a certain percentage, such as 90%, and the other is the option to display data usage in the notifications pull-down.

In the Storage Usage section is a list of apps and they can be sorted by size or name. a trash can next to each one enables it to be removed. There is also a display of the storage used and free.

Many of the functions in AVG Battery Saver & Tuneup are just a duplication of what is already in Android. However, it is more convenient to have them all in one place. It does have a few extras not in Android though, and the widget you can add to the home screen is good., It shows the bandwidth usage and battery remaining, a button frees up memory, and there are shortcuts to the battery saver and task killer.

Overall, this is quite a good free app that is recommended.

Title: AVG battery Saver & TuneUp
Price: Free
Developer: AVG Mobile
Size: 3.1 MB
Android: 2.1 and up
Rating: 4/5