There are over 1.5 million apps in the Google Play Store. How many can you find? Using the Play Store app, probably no more than a couple of hundred. Intel App Finder aims to help.

The Play Store app highlights a few apps and you can view the top charts, and browse the categories, but the number of apps that you can see is a tiny fraction of the 1.5 million that are available for Android devices.

There is a search facility that can help to find apps that are not highlighted in the various category lists, but you really have to know what you are looking for to find anything. Searches tend to just display the most popular apps anyway, and there must be a huge number of apps that are never found.

For this reason, it could be useful to have an app like Intel App Finder on your phone or tablet. It is not perfect and it has serious flaws, but even so, it can be provides a different perspective and it sometimes shows you apps that you would otherwise not discover.

The app’s how screen has a scrolling slider at the top that highlights a small number of apps by displaying large images. Large in comparison to the tiny thumbnails below. Swiping left and right over these images enables you to browse them, but there are only a few apps.

Below are several sections and these are Latest Apps, Staff Picks, and Apps I Like. That last section is configurable and you can select any of the usual all store categories like games, communication, lifestyle, business, and so on.

 Intel App Finder Intel App Finder for Android

Some of the categories are a little different to the Google Play Store app, such as data management, experimental, and 3D scanning and printing, security. Unfortunately, some of this alternative categories were empty.

Whether you go to the Latest Apps, Staff Picks, Apps I Like, or select a category, there is a maximum of 20 apps displayed. Sometimes there are a lot less than this and there may be as few as 5.

This is terribly disappointing when there are so many apps in the store to choose from. The screen is filled with 20 apps in some categories, however, and sometimes it shows you apps that you might not see in the Google app.

 Intel App Finder for Android Intel App Finder for Android

Tapping an app goes to the app’s page and here you can see screen shots and read the app description. I found the text to be comprehensive, but also uncomfortably small to read. A larger font size would be a big help here.

There is a download button and this opens the app page in the Google Play Store so you can install it.

To be fair, Intel App Finder is for discovering Android apps enabled for tablets powered by Intel Atom Based Processors. This does not mean they won’t run on your smartphone because they will. Intel App Finder and apps discovered with it and installed worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy S6.

Intel App Finder has some positive points, such as apps you might not otherwise see, but also drawbacks, such as a limited number of apps, small text and no user feedback like scores and comments. It has a high App Store rating of 4.4, but I would give it more like 3.4. It’s OK, but could be so much better.

TitleIntel App Finder
Price: Free
Developer: Intel Corporation
Size: 8.5 MB
Android: 3.0 and up
Verdict: Far from perfect, but worth a look.