Speed and battery life are the two of the most important issues for mobile phone users and there is never enough of either commodity. There are tools that can help though. On test are two free apps.


APUS Booster+

This free app promises to speed up your phone by 50% and save 20% battery life. I’m not sure those figures are right, but the app does offer some useful features.

It is a very simple app that divides the screen into two parts. At the top is a speedometer-like dial that runs from Slow at one side to Optimal at the other. Below is the temperature of the CPU.

The bottom half of the screen shows the apps that are running in the background. These use memory, battery and processing power. They also contribute to raising the temperature.

A Boost button at the bottom is used to close the background apps and this clears memory, reduces battery drain and cools the CPU.

 APUS Booster+ for Android APUS Booster+ app

This is fine in theory, but many apps automatically start all on their own. You can boost the system and close all the apps, check five minutes later and several of them are running again.

This isn’t the fault of APUS Booster+ and it is the way the apps are designed to work. The only way to stop Facebook running for example, is to uninstall it. This means that the results are mixed and some apps remain stopped, but some will auto-start. If you want certain apps to remain running, they can be added to an ignore list.

APUS Booster+ is a simple app that does its best to clear memory, stop apps, and increase speed and battery life.


Battery Optimizer: Clean Daily

This app takes a completely different approach to battery and performance boosting and it packs in the features, but it is still free. It consists of the app itself and toolbar that appears on the lock screen and in the notifications when you pull down from the top of the screen.

There are four items on the home screen and a Quick boost button that provides an instant tune-up. Each of the four items has its own section and Memory for example, shows the amount of memory use and the amount that can be made free by cleaning temporary data from apps. The apps are listed and you can select or deselect them for cleaning.

The Battery section shows the battery status and there are buttons to turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on/off, Auto-sync, brightness, vibration and so on.

The Storage section shows the amount of space used and the amount that can be made free by deleting junk files. The Delete button frees up the space. There is an app uninstaller and you can view large files, which can also be selected and deleted.

 Battery Optimizer for Android Battery Optimizer app

The Data section keeps track of mobile data usage and the total is displayed and there is a list of apps and their mobile data usage. My phone shows this anyway, but if your phone doesn’t then it is a useful feature for keeping an eye on data usage. You can put in your data allowance and billing day, and set a warning when you have used close to the limit.

There are comprehensive options for setting up notifications when certain events occur, such as low memory, high data usage, low battery and so on. It is an all-in-one clean-up, tune-up and battery extender.


Both apps are good in their own way. APUS Booster+ is super simple for non-technical users who simply want a one-tap solution. Battery Optimizer is for users who like feature-packed tune-up and clean-up apps with lots of options.


TitleAPUS Booster+ | Speed up Phone
Price: Free
Developer: APUS Apps
Size: Varies
Android: Varies
TitleBattery Optimizer: Clean Daily
Price: Free
Developer: McAfee (Intel Security)
Size: 6.7 MB
Android: 3.0 and up