There are lots of brain training apps for your mobile phone or tablet and they are great fun to play. On test is one called Memorado and it is free for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

I ran this game on a Samsung Galaxy S6, but as it is also in the Apple App Store, you can play it on an iPhone too. Both versions are free to install and offer some brain training games for free, although there are in-app purchases to unlock the full range of games.

Brain training apps for your phone or tablet keep your mind active and that is a good thing. You will get better at anything you practice and if you practise addition and subtraction, you will get better at adding and subtracting numbers. It won’t make you better at multiplication and division though. The skills aren’t really transferable.

It is therefore best to practise as many different activities as possible and this will help your mind to stay sharp. Whether brain training apps can increase your IQ and make you more intelligent is debateable and unproven, the apps are fun to play and usually involve memory, mental arithmetic, sharp reactions and keen observation.

It’s good to sharpen those skills or at least prevent them from withering through lack of use as you get older.

Memorado starts off by asking which mental skills you want to improve, which is a bit pointless because surely most people want to improve them all! The information screens are attractively presented though.

After the introduction you start your first workout, consisting of Coloured Confusion, Moving Balls and Power Memory.

 Memorado is a brain training app for the iPhone or Android phones Give your brain a workout with Memorado brain training

There are a number of different games and in one the name of a colour is displayed in coloured text. If the name matches the colour then you tap buttons to indicate whether it matches or doesn’t.

Another game involves balls that move around the screen. You must remember them and then when new ones are introduced, you must say which the original ones were by tapping them.

A grid of tiles is displayed and random ones are coloured. They all change to white and you must tap the ones that were previously coloured from memory.

Memorado brain training app for iOS and Android devices

Spaceships fly across the screen and you must swipe either in the direction they are moving or the direction they are pointing, which may or may not be the same. It can confuse you when they are moving one way, but pointing another.

One game involves mental arithmetic and two, three or more numbers are displayed with addition, subtraction and multiplication symbols between them. You have to say whether the answer printed alongside is right or wrong by doing the sum.

Another game involved laser beams and mirrors, and you had to work out the path.

Memorado brain training app for iOS and Android

There were five activities in my workout today and three of these I could play and the other two were locked. You must buy a subscription to unlock all the activities. It is fairly cheap though and you can get a year’s access to everything for just over (UK) £1 a month.

In addition to the daily workouts, there are three free games to play and a live head-to-head challenge. The challenge pits you against another player, a real person, and you take turns to complete brain training exercises. Your scores are calculated and the winner is announced.

It can be a bit tedious waiting for the other player to complete their exercise, but it was all over in about five minutes. I enjoyed the challenge and I won too!

I like brain training apps and they are entertaining to play and mentally challenging. The app tracks your progress and you can see screens showing activities and statistics.

 Mmeorado lets you play against real people in a head to head challenge Challenge friends or random players in Memorado brain training

To get the most out of Memorado you need to subscribe, but it is reasonably priced and you can pay as you go or pay a year in advance. It is one to add to your collection.

Title: Memorado – Brain Games (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Memorado Gmbh
Android: 4.1 and up | iOS: 7.0 or later
Verdict: You will enjoy playing these brain training games.