One of the easiest ways to personalise your digital watch is to customise the band. Google has just announced a collection of new MODE bands for Android Wear in partnership with Hadley Roma.

There is a good range of colours to choose from and they are made from two materials, silicone or leather.

The smart looking leather variety comes in black, brown, tan, grey, indigo, green, ruby, white, silver, and gold. The silicone bands are available in fluro yellow, fluro red, mint, grey, black, and white.

They come in a variety of sizes and widths (110 x 16 x 4 mm up to 22 mm: 114 x 22 x 4 mm,), thus ensuring that they fit a wide range of wrist sizes and watches.

There are a dozen different watch brands and MODE bands should fit most of them.


MODE band for Android Wear - a clever locking mechanism that is very easy to use
Image: Google Store


If you have ever changed the band on a watch, you will have noticed how awkward and fiddly some of them are, but MODE bands are super simple to change.

A switch at the watch end of the band is used to open the clasp. Drop the watch in place, push the switch back and it locks in place. The mechanism is about as simple as it could be and it looks brilliant.

You could snap in a new band in seconds and switching from a silicone gym band to a smart work or evening leather band is very easy indeed.

It is so easy you will most likely want to keep at least a couple of bands and perhaps more, so you can swap them around as and when you feel like it.

No matter which brand of Android watch you have, there should be a MODE band that fits it.

MODE bands are available at the Google Store (US), Amazon, and Best Buy. Prices at Amazon are $49.95 for a 16mm silicone watch strap and $59 for leather.