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Moves is a health and fitness app that has just been acquired by social networking giant Facebook. What does the app do and why would Facebook want to buy it? The app is free so why not add it your Android phone or iPhone and see for yourself?

When an app is bought by a company as big as Facebook, you never know what will happen. It may continue on exactly as it is, it could be shut down, or it could be incorporated into existing apps and software.

According to ProtoGeo Oy, the developer, the app will continue as a separate entity. This is good news. There are lots of health and fitness apps of course, and many that track your activities, but this one is different. For a start it runs all the time and it includes everything and displays it on a timeline.

After starting the app, you can ignore it and it runs in the background monitoring your activity. It identifies geographic locations and it can even identify buildings and places of interest. If you drive somewhere in the car, catch a bus or a train, it is listed as transport and the duration is recorded. If you walk, it records the number of steps and the time you took. If you cycle or run, it records it in a similar way.

Moves app for Android . Moves app for Android

All these items can be tapped and a location is displayed as a pin on a map. If you have walked, your route is displayed on a map. You can see the number of steps, the time taken and your speed.

Moves is a clever app and it is fascinating to view at the end of the day. It records daily activities and you can view past days.

The big question is why would you want to do this and what do you do with the information?  The app is great fun and it is a novelty for the first week, but there is a danger that you will grow tired of it sooner or later. When this happens you could add one of the connected apps. A growing number of apps can work with Moves data and this extends its usefulness.

For example, Moves Export enables you to export Moves fitness activities to RunKeeper, Strava or Facebook. Other health apps like TactioHealth, Lifesum, Nudgem Tictrac, Fitness World, EveryMove and others can all work alongside Moves. Adding some of these can maintain your interest.

Moves monitors your location and activity, so it is constantly checking the sensors. Using the GPS frequently requires a lot of battery power. The battery usage isn’t too great and most people will find it acceptable, but the battery definitely runs down faster than it would without Moves. I still got through a whole day on my Samsung Galaxy S4 without needing to recharge it.

Title: Moves
Price: Free
Developer: ProtoGeo
Size: 2.6 MB
Android: 4.0 and up
Rating: 4/5