Discover great music using your Android phone

When you hear music playing in the background while shopping, on the radio, in an advert on TV and other places, how do you find out what it is without an app? All you need is Google!

There are apps specially designed for discovering what music is playing and Shazam is perhaps the best known of these. You can open Shazam and tell it to listen and identify the music that is playing.

Shazam is a great app of course, but the fewer apps you have on your Android phone, the better it will run. Apps consume processing power, storage, memory and battery. If you want your phone to last longer and have more memory and storage, you should avoid installing unnecessary apps wherever possible.

You can easily find out what music is playing without an app like Shazam. All you need to do is to use features in Android to discover the artist and the track that is playing. It takes just a couple of taps to identify the music you can hear and another tap opens the album the track is taken from.

You can then listen to the rest of the album or find more music from the same artist.

1 Use Google

Your Android phone probably has the Google search widget on the home screen. If it doesn’t, you can easily add it (long press on the home screen or go to the apps drawer to add widgets). With the latest version of Android you can also long press the home button to open a Google search box. Press the microphone button on the right or say “OK Google”.

The Google search widget on the home screen of Android phones

2 Listen for music

If you say nothing after activating Google by tapping the microphone, after a few seconds it automatically begins listening for music. You don’t have to wait and you can also tell it to listen for music by pressing the music icon in the bottom right corner.

Use Google to listen for music and find out what is playing

3 The results

Google listens to the music for a few seconds and then the result is displayed on the screen. It shows the artist and album. If this is all you need to know, just press the home button to close this music finder. If you want to know more, press the album cover.

The Google search widget can identify music playing in the background

4 View the album

Google Play Music opens and displays the album. The track that was playing is highlighted and you can tap it to play it or tap the button at the top to play the whole album.

 Google Play Music app for Android - find and play any music Google Play Music app for Android - find and play any music

You will only be able to play the music if you either have the track/album in your music collection (purchased or ripped from CD) or have subscribed to Google Play Music. You don’t need a subscription to find out what music is playing.