MMX Hill Climb racing game is fast and furious fun

MMX Hill Climb is a fast and addictive racing game built on the back of the success of MMX Racing. It features monster trucks and crazy courses, and high octane racing against others and the clock.

Although this is a car racing game, the track you drive over is anything but normal. In fact, you race over what at times seems like a roller coaster ride at a theme park. You start off high up in the air and there are great dips that are almost vertically down, then you power up the next climb and over the top.

Unlike a roller coaster, you are not on rails and so you will frequently take to the air as you power over the top of a hill in the road. The vehicles you drive have huge tires and massive suspension and you’ll bounce when you come down and hit the road.

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

The bouncy suspension and your frequent flights through the air can cause the vehicle to rotate. Over rotate forwards and you will nose dive into the road, but rotate backwards and you will flip front over back. Both should be avoided or your truck will explode and catch fire.

Hit the power and the front comes up and the back goes down. Hit the brake and the front goes down and the back comes up. You must therefore balance the accelerator and the brake to maintain a delicate balance and to make your landings are at just the right angle.

Although the controls are simple and there is no need to steer, the game has a great feel to it. It is challenging, but possible.

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

You race against another player. It looks live, but it is more likely a recording of one of their runs over the course. This makes the driving more of a race because you have to try to beat the driver next to you.

There are many vehicles to choose from and all manner of monster trucks. They have different attributes that make them more suitable for one track and less good for another. You can buy trucks or win them in the game. Trucks can be upgraded too, and you can do a certain amount of upgrading for free, but as is usual with games these days, you can buy upgrades too.

You buy packs of gold coins and then use them to buy trucks and upgrades. Watching adverts earns you gold coins and sometimes you get free gifts.

There are different circuits to master and when one is mastered by making it to the end, you can progress to the next. It is possible to buy access to tracks too.

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

MMX Hill Climb car racing game for Android

This is a brilliant game that is fast, fun and addictive. The trucks are superb and the tracks, which would be impossible in real life, are challenging to complete. Racing against another player adds to the entertainment and you can see the best times for other players in a mini leaderboard.

If you are looking for a new racing challenge, get MMX Hill Climb. I played it on an Android phone, but it is also available on iOS too.

Title: MMX Hill Climb (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Hutch Games
Size: 57 MB
Android: 4.1 and up
Verdict: A great racing game to challenge your driving skills.