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Battery usage is a constant worry for mobile device users and phones and tablets never last as long as we would like them to. If only we could get another hour of two use out of our devices they would be much more valuable. GSam Battery Monitor for Android phones and tablets might help you do that.

GSM Battery Monitor is a free app from the Google Play Store, although there is a Pro version too if you need a few more features. Although it is easy enough to view battery information by digging around in Android’s settings, this app makes the task a bit easier and it also provides a little more detail.

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The app’s home screen has battery status information at the top and this can be added to the home screen as a widget so you don’t have to keep opening the app. It shows the battery percentage, temperature, voltage, estimated time remaining and other useful information.

GSam Battery Monitor . GSam Battery Monitor app listing

In the middle of the screen you can see the battery usage of the mobile device’s various components, such as the phone, screen, phone radio, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It also tells you how long apps have held the device awake. When you switch the screen off, the phone or tablet should go into sleep mode, but apps running in the background can prevent this and hold it awake. You can see the percentage battery used by these apps.

Tap App Usage and there is a breakdown of the battery power consumed by each app. There are other views that can be selected, such as processor usage, but battery consumed is best. Android tells you only the top few heavy users, but GSam Battery Monitor seems to list every app that is installed. What’s more, an app can be tapped to go to an information screen that displays more detail. It shows the CPU usage in hours, minutes and seconds, and the amount of data sent and received.

There is a useful chart display that shows the battery percentage over time (blue area) and the temperature (red line). There is an option to switch the temperature display to show other information like GPS and screen.

GSam Battery Monitor chart

A battery indicator is displayed at the top of the phone or tablet’s screen with the other indicators like time and signal strength. It also appears in the notifications list when you pull down from the top of the screen. Several different themes are available for this battery indicator and more can be added.

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Alarms can be set to warn you if the battery percentage falls below a certain value, if the temperature rises above a set value, or if the battery overheats. Any of the phone/tablet’s notification sounds can be used for these. These are useful for keeping an eye on the state of the battery and keeping it in tip top condition.

For a free app, GSam Battery Monitor is comprehensive and packed with useful features. If your phone or tablet is running fine on its batteries you probably don’t need it and Android’s built in battery monitoring functions will be sufficient, but if you find that the device running out of juice far too quickly, the app can be used to work out why this might be happening. The detailed information screens and alarms are much better than Android’s built in ones and this app is well worth getting for your device.

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