Switch the Box is a great puzzle game for Android phones. It's free too.

If you like puzzle games on your Android phone, there is a clever one called Switch the Box. Not to be confused with switch the Box or Swap The Box. Actually they are all fun.

These three games are all based on the same game play and Switch the Box from Play365 was selected because it is bright and colourful, has a higher Google Play Store score than Swap The Box and has more downloads than switch the Box. It looked like the best of the bunch.

"Move or swap adjacent boxes with a swipe - match 3 or more"

The almost identical app names are confusing, but the gameplay is straightforward. It is a sort of variation of Candy Crush Saga and its many clones. In this type of game you slide or swap adjacent objects in order to make a vertical or horizontal line of three or more matching ones.

When this happens they all disappear in an explosion of cloud of smoke. Objects above that were resting on them will fall down, possibly making more lines of three (or more) that explode.

The difference here is that the objects are boxes and they are stacked up. You slide a box into empty pace or swap two adjacent boxes with a swipe of the finger and when three or more colours match, they explode.

 Switch the Box puzzle game for Android phones and tablets Switch the Box puzzle game for Android phones and tablets

The aim of the game is to clear the screen in a set number of moves. I’ve gone through 40 or so levels and the early ones requires one or two moves, but later ones require three. It is possible four more moves are needed with the upper levels.

There are five worlds and each has 24 levels, so that’s 120 levels in total. Many of the early levels are very easy and it is just a question of seeing the right move or moves. One, two or three swipes is all it takes and some levels are really easy, but every now and then there is a level that really makes you think. It might tell you that there is a two-move solution, but seeing those two moves can be really difficult.

 Switch the Box puzzle game for Android phones and tablets Switch the Box puzzle game for Android phones and tablets

The graphics are good and the boxes have animated cartoon eyes and mouths. Each world has a different backdrop to add a bit of variety. The soundtrack is a bit monotonous and you might want to turn it off after a while.

Switch the Box is a good puzzle game. Most are easy, but some are difficult. If you get stuck you can watch an advert to skip to the next puzzle. There are also adverts between puzzles too. They don’t get in the way, but there is a paid upgrade to remove the adverts if they irritate you.

If you like solving puzzles and clearing the screen of stacks of boxes, Switch the Box is good fun.

Title: Switch the Box (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Play365
Size: 20MB
Android: 3.0 and up
Verdict: An entertaining puzzle game for all ages.