Cozi Family Organizer App

There’s a lot involved in running a household. A lot of task lists, calendar events, shopping lists, birthdays and more. Cozi Family Organizer helps you organize your family and household details across multiple devices - Android, iOS and more.


Cozi Family Organizer for Android

Cozi account setup

Once you register for an account you set up your family details. Add a spouse, kids and any pets that have active lives. Identify each individual by a color to help you identify their activities in the app. Other family members can now register for an account and join the family you’ve created so all data is shared.

So, items you add to the calendar can be seen by your other family members, items they add to the shopping list will show up on your shopping list and so on.

Plans available

The majority of the features in Cozi are available through a free plan. By upgrading to the paid, gold plan, you can access a few extra features and enjoy an ad-free experience.


Add events to your family calendar in Cozi. With each calendar event you add you can select the appropriate family members for that event. The event is then highlighted with the family member’s color. You can also set up events that repeat every week, month, every other week, etc. With the free version of Cozi you can set one reminder per event. If you want to set up multiple reminders you have to upgrade to their gold plan.

Cozi Family Organizer for Android


The shopping section in Cozi works great for grocery lists and family shopping lists. You can create multiple shopping lists. Add items to each list, organize them in groups and rearrange them so you’re prepared at the store.

Anybody in the family can add to the list at any time and it stays updated. If everyone adds items as they think of them whenever the next person goes shopping the list is complete!

Then, while shopping simply tick the checkboxes when you purchase the item so your other family members know you’ve got it. Delete the checked items as you want so your list is clean again.

Cozi Family Organizer for Android

To Do Lists

The to do lists work similarly to the shopping lists. With multiple lists you can organize tasks by person or by project. Check boxes off when you complete the tasks and delete items or lists as you’re ready.

Cozi Family Organizer for Android


The journal function of Cozi allows you to capture pictures, jot down memories and share stories with family members before you forget them. You can also set up a monthly newsletter of your favorite moments to send to family and friends.

Recipe Box

Clip recipes you find online or add recipes from your recipe book manually. Keep all your recipes together in this section of Cozi.

Contacts (Gold Feature)

If you have the gold plan you can use Cozi to maintain a family contact list.

Birthdays (Gold Feature)

Another feature of the upgraded gold plan is a birthday calendar.

Cozi Family Organizer

With so many of us having mobile phones Cozi gives us a great way to organize our family life by sharing important information across our devices.

Title: Cozi Family Organizer (Google Play Store) | Cozi Family Organizer (iOS App Store)
Price: Free
Developer: Cozi Inc.
Size: 50MB
Android: Varies | iOS: 8.0 or later
Verdict: Cozi is a great personal organizer.


Author: Amy McGarity. tech-geek who loves helping others with tech problems Check out her website: German Pearls.