Two free music streaming apps for Android

There are some excellent free music streaming services like Google Play Music, Spotify, Deezer and others, but if you want music without the subscription, here are two free apps for Android.

Where can you get more free music than you can ever listen too? Who has all the top artists and the latest albums and tracks? How can you avoid paying for them?

There is one place where music is free, legal, and can be streamed to your Android phone or tablet. That’s YouTube! The video streaming service has a huge amount of music and it can all be streamed to your phone or tablet for free.

You can use the YouTube app of course, and the latest version is better than ever, but there are also alternatives that are worth considering too. For example, two popular ones are Free music for YouTube: Stream, and Free Music Player(Download Now.

They have slightly strange sounding names in the Google Play Store, but when they are installed they appear as Stream and MixerBox 3+.


YouTube: Stream

Stream’s home screen shows a list of music videos and by default, the top charts is displayed. It’s not clear where the list comes from. It looks fairly random and it has a lot of variety. It actually works more like a music discovery stream.

Most of the music videos have been viewed millions of times, although a few under one million are included. Tap a music video and it starts playing in a postage-stamp size floating window.

This stays on the screen even if you quit and run another app, and if it is in the way it can be dragged and positioned elsewhere. It even plays on the lock screen, which isn’t actually a lock screen, but works the same way.

After selecting a video to play, lots of others are queued and will play automatically. You can create playlists and then use the search facility to find your favourite music to add to it. Playlists are easily editor.

 Stream music app for Android Stream music app for Android

A Discover section enables you to browse a large number of music genres, explore the music and find new tracks to listen to. There is also a radio feature too.

The limitations of using YouTube mean that there are some adverts before some music tracks. Also, can’t actually turn off the screen, although it has its own lock screen.

This is a good app for finding and listening to music on YouTube.


Free Music Player(Download Now

MixerBox also plays music from YouTube, but in in addition to this it can also stream music from SoundCloud and your MP3s. The home screen is excellent and it looks more like a music player than an alternative YouTube player.

There is a section at the top showing top charts, then a large Sincerely Recommended section, followed by New Albums and Featured sections, Genre, Moods Playlists and Popular Artists.

You would think this was a real music streaming app from looking at the home screen and it is excellent for browsing and discovering music.

 Mixerbox music app for Android Mixerbox music app for Android

Select a music video and it opens in a tiny floating window that stays on the screen even when switching to another app. The music stops if you switch off the screen, but you can always turn the brightness right down or use the app’s own lock screen simulator. (It’s a YouTube terms and conditions thing.)

A search facility enables you to find any music from the huge range that is available. You can create playlists for all moods and occasions and tracks can then be added to them.

There are quite a few radio stations to choose from and there are genres like dance/club, popular, hip-hop, rock, soul, metal, classical and others. There are also artist stations including Eminem, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Adele, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and others. These are all excellent sources of music.

This is another great music player with a superb collection of music.


Summing up

Using YouTube as a source of music has limitations and restrictions. For example, there are adverts, you can’t turn off the screen, and the quality isn’t as high as is available with a true music streaming service.

On the plus side, these are great apps with access to a huge music library for free. The quality is good enough for most people, although not everyone. They make a good alternative to paid music streaming services.

Of the two apps, I prefer Stream, but there isn’t much in it and you can have them both as they are free.