Increase the security of your Android phone by locking the apps on it -

Are you concerned about the security and privacy of your Android phone? I was, but by installing one app it was possible to lock access to any app and feature on the phone. Security problems are over!

The app is a fairly new one by the name of IObit Applock and it is free from the Google Play Store. It is designed to boost the security and privacy of your phone by locking apps so that other people cannot access them.

Problems often arise when we are with friends, perhaps with a group of friends. You put your phone down and while you aren’t looking, someone picks it up and they can access Facebook, post funny things, send messages, and pretend to be you online. And that's just Facebook. You probably have dozens of other apps they could access and cause mischief with.

You might lend your phone to someone so they can view your photos, and they post a sneaky message or change some settings on the device. A thief could steal your phone and, if it is not locked, they could access all of the apps and settings on the phone and gain access to personal accounts and information.

Lock your apps

IObit Applock can prevent all these scenarios from happening by locking apps. It is not unique and other apps provide similar app-locking features, but this one is quite nice and it is easy to use.

When it is first used, it asks you to draw on the screen and connect the dots in a grid. This becomes your password, but a PIN can be used instead.

A list of apps and phone settings is then displayed. Next to each item is a padlock and tapping it locks or unlocks the app.

 IObit Applocker for Android securely locks the apps on your Android phone IObit Applocker for Android securely locks the apps on your Android phone

When a locked app is run, it displays the screen with the dots and you draw the pattern you set earlier to unlock it. The app then works as normal. If three attempts are made to unlock the app, IObit Applock can take a selfie photo and store it, and this enables you to see who has been using your phone and trying to use your locked apps.

Fool friends with fake errors

There is an interesting feature that enables you to add an extra lock to apps. There is a choice of displaying a photo or an error message. The error is clever and when a locked app is run, the screen goes black and a message in the centre says that the app has stopped. There is an OK button and this takes you back to the home screen.

This is sufficient to prevent many people from trying to use an app, but unknown to the thief or mischief maker, if you tap the OK button three times instead of once, the app unlocker appears and you can draw your pattern between the dots to unlock it.

Double locking your apps this way makes them harder for you to access, and you have to tap through the error message and then unlock the app. It may be a step too far for some, but you don’t have to use the feature.

In addition to locking apps, you can also lock notifications too. Apps can be locked when the screen is turned off, after three minutes, every time you leave an app, or you can use custom settings.

 IObit Applocker for Android securely locks the apps on your Android phone IObit Applocker for Android securely locks the apps on your Android phone

This is a great app that does exactly what you want. It locks apps and prevents others from using them for extra security and privacy. It is most useful for people that do not lock their phone with a PIN or fingerprint. It is a hassle unlocking your phone every time you want to use it, so many people don’t bother to lock it. This is an alternative that could be used instead.

App details

Title: IObit Applock - Privacy Protect (Google Play Store)
Price: Free
Developer: IObit Applock Team
Size: 2.2MB
Android: 4.03 and up
Verdict: A good app locker for those that want to keep people out.