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6 Fortress Legends

There’s a new addition to the world of RPG and this time it’s a beautiful co-op fantasy world. You can unite your forces with three other friends and fight against the enemies in real-time.

Fortress Legends for Android

The Fortress Legends mobile game has many customizable settings and options, and it might look a little overwhelming at first sight. However, once you master them, there is a whole complex world to play in for hours right from your smartphone. The purpose of the game is to command a powerful fortress where you can install deadly traps or call evil creatures to defend your territory.

7 Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft has become a huge game trend among the desktop users, and now it can be enjoyed on the Android devices also.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android

Minecraft: Pocket Edition offers you blocks and tools to create your own world from scratch. The world can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as the phone has an Internet connection. You can now invite up to ten friends in your own realm and together explore and create new worlds.

8 Robotek

This mobile game envisions the world where humanity vanished and the robots created their own Empire. Your mission is to take control over the empire and eliminate the enemies.

Robotek for Android

Robotek assures a lot of addictive play hours through 200 compelling levels spread all over the world. The amazing graphics and catchy yet repetitive music create the perfect environment to compete against your friends. You can also go solo and work your way up to the next mighty level.

9 Words With Friends

The word puzzles are engaging enough as they are, but mixing this game genre with the multiplayer option is the recipe for success.

Words With Friends for Android

Words With Friends covers several languages, such as English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English. The option of Smart Match can find you the ideal users to compete against, while the in-game chat lets you socialize with them. Of course, you can bring your friends here and duel with words at a dizzy speed by activating the Fast Play mode.

10 Star Wars: Uprising

In this RPG game, you get to meet all your favorite characters from the Star Wars universe, including the ones from the latest movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” The game has already grown a community of millions of worldwide players that fight against the Empire.

Star Wars: Uprising for Android

You can become the next outstanding Han Solo, or you can take your own path and create a completely new hero. There are many abilities and species to choose from, and the classic Star Wars gear will blend adrenaline with nostalgia. Star Wars: Uprising brings all friends together in a well-written story, where the epic battles go down in history throughout many planets.

These 10 multiplayer Android games are enough to keep your fun mood up wherever you are, along with your friends. Enjoy them and have a great time!

Go to Part 1: 10 Best multiplayer Android games for your phone in 2016

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