Get fit with the help of running apps on your mobile phone. They work on Android and iOS

There are few things better than a good run. It pumps your blood and for a while you outrun all your worries. Rachel Everly looks at the apps that can help you to get fit.

Running is the perfect exercise, it keep you fit and is the perfect mood booster. And when you are making the effort to run, you are automatically curious about speed, calories burned and you might even feel like getting bragging rights for an especially good run that you managed after a hectic day.

Well good news for you is that there are plenty of good running apps to choose from.


This app is available on both Android and iOS and the best part is that it is free. The app can be used for running, cycling, hiking and pretty much anything that makes you go far from home.

You get a record of total exercise time, calories burned, pace, distance and a couple of other useful metrics. You can also take and tag pictures while on the run.

Plus you also have the option of choosing from popular running routes.

Running apps to help you get fit


Strava Running and Cycling App

This is a favourite among the cycling community because of its ranking systems. Strava is available on both iPhone and Android.

It has a free version and a premium version, but even that won’t cost you much. (What does it cost to develop an app?) Plus do not despair as the free version has all the important features.

The app records distance, speed, time and even the course taken. Also it ranks your stats against all other local users. So if you want to get your competitive mode on, this app is perfect for you.

Plus you can also create your own local challenges and compete against friends. There are also global leaderboards if you are ultra-competitive. Also Strava lets you post your accomplishments on social media (Not all social media is created equal) and even supports a variety of running trackers in addition to Android wear and Apple Watch.

Get fit with these apps for your phone


Run with my Map My Run

Run with my Map My Run is also available on both Android and iOS devices and is a free run tracking app. It tracks you runs in real time, giving you real time stats and a complete summary at the end of your run.

You can pair this app with a variety of heart-rate monitors and other fitness trackers. Also this app has a premium subscription which gives you voice coaching, location sharing option and removes the ads.


The best part about this app, besides being free, is that it allows you to personalise your dashboard. Also you can keep a personal exercise diary. Runtastic also gives you the option of viewing your routes in a Google Earth-style view.

As far as the stats are concerned your exercise is tracked in real time, giving you your speed, time, distance and even your route is plotted as you are running. At the end of the run you can see your performance in the shape of really detailed graphs.

This app is perfect if you are looking to reach a new level. Also you can share your progress and stats on social media networks. Plus if you want to reach a new level, this app has numerous training plans.

Author Bio: Rachael Everly is a passionate blogger for Appiskey, an app development company serving their clients with top-notch iOS and android apps. Follow @RachaelEverly for more updates.