Two Drive for Speed car racing games for Android phones reviewed and there is a winner!

There are two Drive for Speed games in the Google Play Store and they are both excellent driving games that get the adrenaline flowing with their speed and excitement, but they are very different.

Drive for Speed: Simulator

By: Play365 | Requires: Android 3.0 and up

First impressions of Drive for Speed: Simulator are that it is hard! It must have taken around two dozen attempts just to complete the first level and that’s for beginners!

This 3D driving game places you in control of a fairly ordinary looking car in an ordinary looking city, but the graphics are good and everything feels quite realistic for a simulator.

The controls consist of accelerator and brake on the left and steering controls on the right. They are quite sensitive and there is a tendency to brake too hard and steering the vehicle isn’t easy. You will bring down lamp posts and drive into a few other cars and objects before you have mastered the game.

The aim is to reach a certain place in the city and it is a bit like following the sat-nav in your car. It tells you when to turn and which way to turn, but the problem is that you are up against a time limit, so you must floor the accelerator and drive as fast as you can. It’s a bit like being an Uber driver.

Traffic can get in the way and you sometimes have to brake to let other cars turn or cross junctions before you can proceed.

New cars and upgrades to cars are available and you need to earn the currency to buy them, but buy them with real money. The top in-app purchase may be more than your phone is £98.99, but there are cheaper ones.

This is an excellent driving game that is challenging and quite realistic.

Drive for Speed car driving simulator for Android

Drive for Speed car driving simulator for Android

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Drive for Speed

By: Raw Studios | Requires: Android 4.0.3 and up

With an almost identical name and very similar game play, Drive for Speed is easily confused with the previous one. It’s a car racing game, but it has a very different style.

The cars are very ordinary and a reminiscent of the popular family models that fill the roads, but there are new models to buy and various components, like the engine, can be upgraded with each model.

The speed, acceleration and armour can all be upgraded. You’ll need the armour for all the crashes that ensue as you drive down the highway.

There are no corners or bends and there is just one long straight road. All you have to do is to drive as fast as possible and avoid the other traffic on the road. Sometimes you drive on your own, but mostly you compete against other cards and numbers above them show the race order, so you know whether you are winning, second, third and so on.

The controls could not be simpler and there is an accelerator and brake, but it’s best to drive flat out all the time and ignore the other pedal. Tilting the phone move the car over to the left or right.

The arcade action is very different to the simulator style of the other Drive for Speed game. It is fun in its own way and it is easier to play.

However, it asks for permission to make and manage phone calls, and access other phone features and account information that it has no business doing. On Android 6 you can deny access to all the things it asks for and the game runs fine, but why does it want them? It is strange.

Drive for Speed Android car racing game

Drive for Speed Android car racing game

The race winner

My favourite of these two driving games is Drive for Speed: Simulator. I like the realistic simulation of driving around the city using sat-nav, the great graphics, and even the difficulty level, which can be mastered with practise.