Set your Android phone to always connect to the network you want with WiFi Prioritizer

Does your phone sometimes connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network? It can happen when there are two or more available. WiFi Prioritzer for Android lets you choose which one to automatically connect to.

Some wireless routers create more than one Wi-Fi network, such as a public one and a private one. Which should your phone connect to?

If your neighbours have powerful routers, you might be able to pick up their Wi-Fi in your home. If you ever connect to one of the networks, you might always connect to it.

Wi-Fi hotspots often have more than one network and in some public places there might be two, three or even more Wi-Fi networks. Which one should your phone use?

Connect to the right network

Can you tell your phone to ignore one Wi-Fi network and connect to another automatically? This is what Wi-Fi Prioritizer does. It lets you organise the networks you have connected to and it will connect to them in that order.

WiFi Prioritizer for Android lists wireless networks in order of priority

This means that when there are two or more Wi-Fi networks available, it ensures the phone connects to the network with the greatest priority - the network that is higher in the list.

It will disconnect from a lower priority network and connect to a higher priority one even if the signal is not a strong.

If you have ever had this problem with Wi-Fi networks you will appreciate how useful this app is.

Set the network priority

The main screen in the app lists all the networks that you have ever connected to and you can rearrange the order by pressing and dragging them up or down the list.

The tick boxes are to choose whether or not to connect to a network if it is available.

It is easy to select the right network and make sure it is always used.

WiFi Prioritizer settings

The only other main screen is Settings and here you can choose things like the refresh interval. This is how often the app checks whether it is connected to the right network and switches if it isn’t.

WiFi Prioritizer for Android settings

The refresh interval can be set from every 5 seconds to 30 minutes. Shorter times use more battery because the app is running so often. Setting a longer time uses less battery and for most people a setting of 2 or 5 minutes will do.

WiFi Prioritizer for Android refresh interval for switching Wi0Fi networks

There are other rules that determine whether to connect to a higher priority Wi-Fi network, such as the signal strength.

You don’t want to connect when there is a really bad signal, so a threshold level can be set. When the signal is greater than this, the phone will switch to that network. The rules enable you to tweak the connection settings.

WiFi Prioritizer for Android can switch Wi-Fi networks according to signal strength

It is strange that top-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 do not have this feature because it is so useful. It should be built into Android so it is available to all phones.

If you are having problems connecting to the right network, try this utility.

Title: WiFi Prioritizer
Price: Free
By: Robert Botha
Android: 4.1 and up
Verdict: A useful tool for making sure you connect to the right network