Back up your WhatsApp chats and media files and protect them from loss and disaster

If you lose your phone, what would happen to your WhatsApp conversations and media files? If your phone broke, would you lose everything? What if you buy a new phone? Best back up now!

You really don’t want to lose months or even years of conversations with your friends. Media files like photos and videos might be irreplaceable and you cannot go back and recreate them.

There are so many ways that you could lose all this valuable information that for many people it is not a case of if, but when. One day you will lose everything.

Not everyone is at risk of of losing their WhatsApp history and smart users back up their chats to online storage. With everything held securely online, if the worst happens and your phone is lost, stolen, broken or replaced, you can simply restore everything from a backup.

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So how do you back up your chats from What’sApp?

1 Go to Settings

Click the three dots button in the top right corner of the app to show the menu. Press Settings.

WhatsApp menu on an Android phone

2 Chats settings

Press Chats in the WhatsApp Settings.

WhatsApp settings on Android phones

3 Chat backup

Among the Chats settings is Chat backup. Press it to set it up.

WhatsApp chats settings on Android phones

4 Set up backup

WhatsApp backs up your chats and media files to Google Drive. If you have an Android phone you will already have a Google account.

In the lower half of the screen under Google Drive settings, press Back up to Google Drive. (You can also press Account, select your Google account and return here.)

WhatsApp backup settings on Android phones

Right down at the bottom of the screen is an option to include videos. Tick this if you want to save them in the backup. It makes the backup much larger and longer to complete, so the choice is yours.

5 Choose a schedule

How often do you want to back up your WhatsApp chats? I don’t chat a lot, so weekly is good enough for me. However, if you get 100 messages a day you might want to select the Daily option.

WhatsApp backup schedule on Android phones

After selecting the backup schedule, you are asked to select your Google account.

6 How to restore a backup

That’s it. WhatsApp will automatically back up your conversations and media files. If anything happens to your phone, you can restore the backup.

How big is the backup? The backup size is shown on the Chat Backup screen (step 4 above) once you have made your first backup.

There is no obvious way to restore a backup. To do this you must install WhatsApp on the phone. When you verify your number you will be asked if you want to restore your chats from a backup.

The same phone number used to create the backup must be used to restore it for security reasons.

7 Where are your backups?

Open the Google Drive app and press the menu button to open the sidebar. Press Backups.

View your backups on Google Drive on Android

Well done, you are now protected.