Hill Climb Free

A search for 'hill climb' at the Google Play Store reveals a long list of apps to choose from for your Android phone or tablet and they are all very similar. There is a whole genre of hill climbing apps and they involve climbing hills (as you probably guessed) and speeding over rough terrain in various vehicles. They are addictive, challenging and fun.

In Hill Climb Free you ride an off-road motorcycle and it is great fun. There are just two controls and the throttle and brake are under your thumbs, allowing you to go faster or slower. They also affect the bike in other ways, so the throttle has a tendency to make the bike wheelie and the brake has the opposite effect.

The landscape scrolls right to left and there are four scenarios to master, although apart from the colour scheme, they are fairly similar. Master one and you can progress to the next and they unlock in sequence. There are also different motorcycles and riders to choose from, although these must be unlocked too.

Hill Climb Free

The landscape is difficult to negotiate and some hills are too steep to climb from a standing start. You therefore need to accelerate down one hill to climb the next. As you reach the peak of a hill you can become airborne if you are travelling fast enough. In fact, this is sometimes essential and if you ride too slowly and carefully, you will run out of fuel.

Hill Climb Free

You must frequently leap into the air, but you risk crashing of course. Landing on your head is fatal and it is very easy to do. You leap and either the front end of the bike nose dives or the rear sinks and you can end up upside down. You must restart and try again. It is possible to somersault and land back on your wheels and performing tricks like this earn extra points.

The fuel runs out very quickly and you must reach strategically placed fuel cans on the hills to top up the bike's tank. If you ride too slowly and carefully you'll burn too much fuel and that's the end of your run. It's back to the start to try again.

Hill Climb Free for Android

The graphics are good, the gameplay is hard, but addictive, and there are new bikes and scenes to master. The only downside is the very irritating adverts that pop up whenever you die. At the start of the game you'll die often, so you will see lots of ads. After about half an hour's play though, there were noticeably fewer adverts, so persevere and they mostly go away. Get it from the Google Play Store.

Title: Hill Climb Free
Developer: DinzyLabs
Size: 8.8MB
Rating: 4/5