Get paid apps for free using this trick. Works with the Google Play Store and Android apps!

There are bargains in the Google Play Store and for a short time price reductions on certain apps make them a bargain not to be missed. Here’s how to get fantastic full priced apps for free.

Of course, there are a zillion free apps in the Google Play Store, but they are often plagued with adverts that spoil the fun and make them less attractive. They are designed to be irritating so as to make you want to buy the upgrade to the full version.

There is a way to get full apps for free though.

Earn money answering questions

A while back I showed how you can earn money from Google by installing the Google Opinion Rewards app on your Android phone.

Every so often, once a week and sometimes twice, this app presents you with one or two multiple choice questions. You tap the answers, which takes all of 15 seconds, and you earn a little money.

Get paid to answer questions with the Google Opinion Rewards app for Android

In the last month or so I have earned over £1.20 from answering really easy questions.

That is enough to buy something cheap from the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store App Deal of the Week

If you have not yet discovered it, there has been an App Deal of the Week in the store for a while. This is a full priced app at a reduced price and when I visited Runtastic was on offer for 10p.

As the App Deal of the Week name indicates, the app changes every week and you never know what might be free this week. It may be an app you have always wanted or it might be an app you aren’t interested in.

Google App Deal of the Week for Android

Take a look each week at the Google Play Store and see what is there. Sometimes you have to hunt around for the App Deal of the Week if it is not highlighted at the top of the home page.

Runtastic is a great app for tracking exercise activities and for getting fit. It is primarily aimed at running, but you can walk or even cycle because the only difference is the speed. The app tracks your location on a map, distance travelled, time taken, and elevation. From this it can work out your pace and other statistics.

 Runtastic Android app for tracking your runs Runtastic Android app for tracking your runs

This particular deal isn’t quite perfect and some advanced features require payment. However, you get all the basic features you need for tracking your runs, walks and rides. Other apps from the developer are £1.99 to £4.99, so 10p is pretty cheap.

Mind you, I didn’t even need to pay 10p because the money was earned from Google Opinion Rewards.

So install the app, answer questions, then get the App Deal of the Week. It won’t cost you anything because you are buying it with free credit. I have even got enough money left over to buy a music track.



0 # wendy 2017-07-03 02:07
nice share. i'd like to use to find a good deal. There's a price log for every app so i could compare and pick up the best price.
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